Muthuraman Ramasamy - Analyst Profile

Senior Analyst and Team Leader
Frost & Sullivan
Industrial Automation & Process Control


Functional Expertise

§Eight years of manufacturing and operations management expertise, which include three years in mainstream manufacturing process improvements. Particular expertise in:
-Analysis and evaluation of growth opportunities
-Growth strategy evaluation and development
-Competitive intelligence and benchmarking
-Bespoke mergers and acquisitions analysis

Industry Expertise

§Experience base covering a broad range of sectors, leveraging long-standing working relationships with leading industry participants’ Senior Executives
-Industrial automation solution providers, Manufacturing operations management
-Thought leadership in future of manufacturing and production

What I bring to the Team

Horizontal and vertical knowledge in manufacturing industru
Impact of business convergence on today’s manufacturing industry
Analytical expertise to drive customer value
Fluency in client management and business development

Career Highlights

Extensive expertise in Analysis and Market Strategy
-President’s Club Award for Research, 2010 – Frost & Sullivan
-Promising Employee of the Year, 2003 – Parryware Roca


§Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering from PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore, Chennai

Areas of expertise

Recent items from Muthuraman Ramasamy

Strategic Analysis of the Top Manufacturing Software Game Changers
The top 50 game changers in manufacturing and production analysis identifies companies that are driving next-generation manufacturing best practices. Frost & Sullivan has scrutinized more than 100 companies, products, technologies, solutions, and services in the manufacturing software category with a focus on which of them would have the greatest impact on US manufacturing competitiveness, productivity, and future growth. The seismic shifts in the global manufacturing industry over the past decade have created a new order, driving manufacturing offshoring, redefining supply chains, and decimating manufacturing jobs. Four main causes of shifts in the US manufacturing sector have been identified.
Published: Dec 19 2014 Market Insights
Aggressive Move Charts Out Bold Vision
This insight talks about 3DS/Dassault Systemes acquisition of Quintiq and the implications of the same to the market. It further analyzes the aspects of increase in addressable market sizes for the parent company and the benefits thereof. Also discussed are the cross-synergies between Dassault Systèmes, Apriso, and Quintiq in terms of solution offerings, customer business drivers, and industry challenges.
Published: Oct 20 2014 Market Insights
Learnings from the Cisco C-Scape Conference
Cisco's strategy in manufacturing over the next 5 years is set to accelarate growth with the use of innovative and out-of-the-box technologies. Key themes such as Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI),Converged Plantwide Ethernet Solution and Cisco's implementation of IoT in the manufacturing space have been discussed. This market insight would elucidate all details of Frost & Sullivan's visit to their conference and the company's value-proposition.
Published: Sep 26 2014 Market Insights
Name: Cross-site scripting vulnerability Target: ClearSCADA product from Schneider Electric Corporation Type: Use of deception, social engineering to glean sensitive user data and forced shutdown of parent server.  Region: Primarily US and Europe, small percentage os systems run in Asia.  Who: No known public exploits Independent security rese...
18 Sep 2014 Blog post
Overview: On July 24, 2014, Dassault Systèmes let the world know of its intent to acquire operations planning & optimization company Quintiq. The acquisition was finalized on September 8th. Based in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands, Quintiq has its US HQ in Philadelphia. Quintiq clocked in revenues of about $100 million for 2013. With a focus on manu...
14 Sep 2014 Blog post
We recently did an analysis on North American Automation Security Trends and uncovered several strategic business drivers. The key highlights were: 1. Security goes beyond compliance. Drives profitability, sustainability and operational excellence of the enterprise. 2. The inevitability of cloud and IIoT requires technology innovation to create n...
29 Jul 2014 Blog post
Name: HAVEX Malware Target: ICS/SCADA systems across diverse industries Type: Watering hole attack - Trojanized software planted at solution providers website Region: Primarily Europe, but one site compromised is based out of California Who: Energetic Bear, active since August 2012 F-Secure, Finnish security research firm, posted on June 23rd,...
01 Jul 2014 Blog post
The automation summit by Siemens was a well attended event with many end-users cutting across process and discrete industries. Due to our schedules, we were not able to attend the key note by Anton Huber, President and CEO - Siemens Industry Automation. However, we attended many of the break-out sessions. Following is my 1/3 posting on its re-organ...
30 Jun 2014 Blog post
Details of the operation: Name: #OpPetrol 2014. Second attack of such sort after #OpPetrol 2013 ( A political group of Hacivists based predominantly in Middle East.  Threat Vector: Taregted attacks on websites of energy companies in the following regions. It is happening, as I write this post and could continue.  Probable...
20 Jun 2014 Blog post
Here is Part 2/2 of Cisco’s C-scape conference. On Day 1, we saw the converged plant architecture that Cisco is driving within the manufacturing space. Rather than taking a ringside view of the action and a myopic vision for the market, Cisco has clearly differentiated itself by enabling very good scalability and flexibility in manufacturing operat...
11 Jun 2014 Blog post
Shale Gas and Tight Oil Revolution in North America and Emerging APAC Regions Drives Growth
The declining availability of skilled work force forces end-users in process industries to outsource operation and maintenance services to third-party service providers. This enables end-users to concentrate on core competence of producing more and simultaneously maintain profitability and expected growth rate. This becomes an opportunity for several automation companies to provide maintenance and support service through contractual agreements.
Published: Jun 11 2014 Market Research
A bunch of analysts from Frost & Sullivan attended the yearly OTC event at Reliant Park in Houston. This is my second year to the event and nothing stops me from being pleasantly surprised once again. Clearly, a difference we saw was the force and the empowered solution-selling by all automation companies we met - ABB, Siemens, Yokogawa, Emerson Pr...
02 Jun 2014 Blog post
We were invited to Cisco's C-Scape conference this week, to learn and discuss about their strategy, vision and directions the company is taking in the IoT market. First of all, it was an extremely well orchestrated event, like clockwork, with over 130 analysts attending from industrial and financial markets. Just to talk about the sheer expanse of...
22 May 2014 Blog post
Following up earlier post, where the industry saw the acquisition of Industrial Defender by Lockheed Martin, this announcement comes as a 'no-brainer'. As the cyber-security for critical infrastructure (CI) market starts seeing more growth and adoption, solution providers are aggressively looking to position themselves in order to effectively capit...
10 Apr 2014 Blog post
Cyber-security was an unknown business driver a few years back. The recent attacks and the possibility of a 'cascading failure' due to cyber-attacks on networks and industrial control systems has made cyber-security a 'must-have' solution for systems security purposes. The market initially had niche and pure-play solution providers like Industrial...
14 Mar 2014 Blog post
Published: Feb 20 2014 Best Practices
Published: Feb 05 2014 Best Practices
Five Key Building Blocks Structure the Future of Manufacturing and Production
The manufacturing and production industry is set for radical transformation spurred by 5 key forces (the cloud, Big Data, analytics, virtualization, and the Internet of Things). These technologies will sustain the future manufacturing community and ensure sustainable growth and profitability. This study investigates the impact of these forces on process industries (oil and gas, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and mining and power) and analyzes how their overlap will serve smart plants through integrated solutions. Chapters follow a first, second, and third base format: 1. Business Insight (understanding the industry), 2. Growth Insight (understanding opportunity), and 3. Profit Insight (understanding strategies). The base year is 2013.
Published: Dec 11 2013 Market Insights
Executive summary: Improving competitive positioning to drive sustainable market growth for Schneider Electric Corporation – A speculative analysis Introduction: Schneider Electric Corporation S.A (SCHN.PA) (hereafter called in as Schneider) is a global specialist in energy management. They participate across multiple markets like industrial auto...
21 Oct 2013 Blog post
Analysis of Key Industry Trends and Global Growth Opportunities
This strategic C-level research service aims at providing an overview of key trends and tectonic shifts that are expected to take place in the power generation market. We have considered the power generation segment and outlined analysis of next game changing markets of the future and what impact they could potentially have on the global power generation markets. Diverse business models, partnership ventures, economic impact analysis, competitive perspectives, key integrated industry trends have been analyzed to bring a CEO 360 perspective to the study.
Published: Aug 02 2013 Market Research
Until the early 2000's, the US was the undisputed manufacturing super power, generating more than $1.7 trillion in economic activity every year. The 2001 recession flipped the power balances and was the start of an unprecedented roller-coaster ride. Although the outlook has been a bit soft, we believe that a manufacturing resurgence is underway as...
25 Jul 2013 Blog post
Leveraging a Powerful Channel Strategy: Evaluation of Growth Trends through CAMP Tool
This strategic research analyzes the key market dynamics within the European system integrators market. The study analyzes system integrators across the domains of oil and gas, chemicals and petrochemicals, automotive and transportation, food and beverages, and pharmaceuticals. The objective of the study is to identify top solution providers in each industry vertical based on our use of the competitive advantage and market positioning (CAMP) tool. The tool enables industry participants to understand strengths, evaluate partnership strategies, and penetrate specific industries covered as part of the research.
Published: Jun 27 2012 Market Research
The Next 10 Key Global Opportunities by 2030
This strategic C-level research aims at providing an overview of key trends and tectonic shifts that are expected to take place in the oil and gas market. We have considered only the upstream or exploration and production for this research and this research focuses on what are the major game changers of the future and how the geopolitical alignment is driven by the need to have better energy security and balance. The research also outlines key aspects of technology innovations and sustainability that are vital in exploring the lesser known unconventional resources of the world.
Published: Jun 14 2012 Market Research

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