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2014 is set to be the year when the focus of both IT buyers and IT sellers, shifts to the Internet of Things (IoT). In 2014, more data will be generated by machines (‘things’) than by human beings. This creates enormous opportunities: To analyze and use vast amounts of data. To store data and source application functionality in/from the cloud....
12 Nov 2013 Blog post
The nexus of cloud computing, high speed mobile networks, big data and ‘The Internet of Things’ is creating huge opportunities to transform entire industries. From the healthcare industry to the automotive industry, we are on the brink of a surge in innovation, driven by ICT advances. Organizations no longer view ICT as a way of increasing product...
06 Jun 2013 Blog post
Microsoft: Will the Empire Strike Back? To some, the omens look bleak for Microsoft. PC shipments are in decline, and an increasing proportion of IT activity bypasses Microsoft technology entirely. Google and Apple continue to make massive inroads into, what was once, Microsoft territory, forcing Microsoft to react. Will the trend towards consume...
22 Apr 2013 Blog post
IT departments are set to become smaller. In addition, the role of IT will transform into that of an integrator of services, a driver of innovation and a manager of systems and processes.    These changes are being driven by the widespread use of cloud computing and the increased prevalence of ‘Bring Your Own Device’ (BYOD).   New cloud computing i...
07 Apr 2013 Blog post
It’s that time of year again. The time of year where the world’s IT commentators offer their predictions for the following year. For the past few years, predictions have focused very much on cloud computing, ‘big data’ (a misnomer if ever I have heard one), mobility, social, and consumerization. All of these technology trends are now having a prof...
03 Apr 2013 Blog post
IT skills shortages have been an issue of concern for businesses and governments for more than twenty years. This will change over the next few years as IT skill levels increase, and become embedded into business activities.   In recent years, IT vendors have worked very closely with businesses and governments to ensure that training investments ar...
02 Apr 2013 Blog post
In the IT services business, the propensity to purchase services is often different to what might logically be expected. This is particularly obvious in the extremely diverse Asia Pacific region.   For example, organizations in the Philippines, a relatively immature economy with lower labour costs, are more likely to purchase services than organiza...
02 Apr 2013 Blog post
It is often stated by senior management figures within large enterprises, that innovation is a key area of focus for them. Despite this focus, the past 50 or 60 years has witnessed a distinct lack of breakthrough innovations. Indeed, there has been an innovation 'drought'.   Innovations made between the late nineteenth century and about 1950 are th...
02 Apr 2013 Blog post
In June this year, Frost & Sullivan will hold its 2013 APAC ICT awards banquet. This is the tenth such banquet. Frost & Sullivan’s Asia Pacific ‘Best Practices’ program has been running since 2003.   This anniversary is a great opportunity for us to reflect on some of the developments in the ICT business over the past 10 years, and to predict some...
02 Apr 2013 Blog post

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