Chris Rodriguez - Analyst Profile

Senior Industry Analyst
Network Security
Information & Communication Technologies


Functional Expertise

Industry analyst experience, including primary research, consulting projects, video presentations, and speaking engagements at industry conferences and in webinars.
Experience working on special projects including:
-International expansion due diligence and go-to-market guidance for entering new regional markets
-Merger & Acquisition due diligence research including SWOT analysis, customer satisfaction review, new product/new market analysis and strategic guidance
-Identification of potential best channel partners followed by professional introductions

Industry Expertise

Experience base in the information and communication technologies (ICT) sector, leveraging long-standing relationships with Senior Executives working for leading industry participants in the areas of:
-Enterprise firewall, next generation firewall (NGFW) and unified threat management (UTM)
-Vulnerability management & vulnerability research
-Intrusion prevention systems (IPS)
-Network access control (NAC)
-Application security & patch management

What I bring to the Team

Experience helping Fortune 500 / Global 1000 clients with strategic market communication & education initiatives
Ability to communicate the business value of network security technologies to non-technical decision makers
Capacity to interact with and provide strategic business intelligence and guidance to C-Level executives

Career Highlights

Worked directly with leading firms and organizations including:
-Cisco Systems
-General Dynamics


Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems from University of the Incarnate Word, San Antonio, Texas

Recent items from Chris Rodriguez

This SPIE examines the role, capabilities, and advantages of service providers in the DDoS mitigation process, as well as how this role might develop in the future.
Published: Mar 13 2015 Stratecast
IT Mega Trends Drive Growth and Opportunities in IAM Market
Identity and access management (IAM) is the process of identification, authentication, authorization, and administration of digital users. IAM solutions are widely used by large businesses and enterprise organizations to manage thousands of user identities. However in recent years, information technology (IT) Mega Trends such as mass smartphone adoption and cloud services have changed how organizations manage identity and access requirements. Changing IT practices create demand for new IAM solutions and generate opportunities for growth by innovative companies.
Published: Feb 05 2015 Market Research
Prospects for a Crucial but Undervalued Security Technology
The Web Application Firewall (WAF) is an essential security tool for protecting Web applications and Web sites that are of ever-growing importance in today’s economy. The WAF market is primarily driven by regulatory requirements for WAF deployment and other mandatory steps to protect Web applications and end user data. However, the WAF market holds potential for significant growth as new threats and highly publicized data breaches drive interest in WAF and other Web application security practices. WAF vendors that understand and address the challenges facing this market can make significant progress in market penetration.
Published: Oct 01 2014 Market Research
Published: Sep 01 2014 Best Practices
This SPIE will analyze the value of bot detection in a security model; the perceived value of such features; the methods used to detect bots, and their respective effectiveness.
Published: Aug 29 2014 Stratecast
Published: Jul 30 2014 Best Practices
Rise of the DDoS Attack Spurs Demand for Comprehensive Solutions
Threat actors use DDoS attacks to block access to targeted websites for legitimate users. These attacks are becoming increasingly disruptive, frequent, and sophisticated. As a result, businesses require purpose-built solutions to detect and block the full array of DDoS attacks. Demand for DDoS mitigation solutions is growing, but the market faces a number of challenges going forward.
Published: Jul 09 2014 Market Research
This SPIE will explain the threats to information security posed by social media in business environments, followed by best practices to minimize risk.
Published: Mar 14 2014 Stratecast
Flexible Products Deliver Superior Protection and Customer Value
IT organizations today are challenged, more than ever, to secure valuable data and intellectual property from relentless hackers and threat actors. The network firewall is one important tool in a network security architecture. However, in recent years, firewalls have become ineffective against new hacking techniques. The advent of the unified threat management (UTM) and next generation firewall (NGFW) provide essential new functionality that represents an important next step in the market's evolution.
Published: Mar 10 2014 Market Research
Mass Smartphone Adoption Increases Risk and Drives Demand for Innovative Security Products
The mobile security challenge is complex and multi-faceted. Mobile devices can be infected by malicious software called malware, enabling hackers to gain access or control. Mobile applications (simply called “apps”) on the device can perform unwanted, high-risk actions. Sensitive data stored on the device can also be lost or stolen. This study focuses on mobile endpoint protection products designed to secure the device against malware, cyber attacks, high risk applications, and physical loss or theft.
Published: Oct 31 2013 Market Research
It is entirely possible that the Black Hat Conference was set in Las Vegas simply as an ironic statement about the state of information security today. Everyone is gambling. For hackers, the buy-in cost to attack a massive number of websites through simple Web scripts, spam, and malware is minimal. But with a slightly larger investment of time an...
29 Aug 2012 Blog post
2011 ushered in a new breed of cyber threats that brought major organizations including Google, RSA, and Lockheed Martin to their knees and left many others searching for answers. These attacks were alarmingly sophisticated, effective, and elusive. Furthermore, the sophistication of these attacks indicates well organized crime syndicates and nation...
30 Apr 2012 Blog post
“Dude, you’re getting a SonicWALL!” On Tuesday, March 13, 2012, Dell announced its plan to acquire a leading vendor in the Unified Threat Management (UTM) market, SonicWALL. This will allow Dell to rapidly advance its security portfolio with the addition of next generation firewall, intrusion prevention (IPS) capabilities, SSL VPN, gateway anti-vi...
13 Mar 2012 Blog post
Bounty hunter. The term conjures up images of anti-heroes and rogues with awesome weapons and tactics in pursuit of the most dangerous criminals (or maybe just mullets). So it may be a surprise that the network security industry has its own version of these vigilantes for hire. Only, instead of searching out dangerous criminals, independent researc...
03 Feb 2012 Blog post
In recent years, the fiercely competitive UTM market has focused on increasing its penetration in the enterprise market. However, UTM has traditionally been considered a small business play due to limited performance and integration but compelling price points. After years of improvements and innovations, UTM vendors now offer enterprise-grade prod...
17 Jan 2012 Blog post

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