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Program Manager
Frost & Sullivan
Industrial Automation & Process Control



Functional Expertise

Experience in market research and consulting in handling projects for across various regions such as the North America, Europe and Middle East, Asia Pacific and Latin America regions. Particular expertise in:
  • - Mergers and acquisition
  • - Analysing emerging trends, technologies and market behaviour
  • - Market sizing and forecasting
  • - Competitive market scenario analysis


Industry Expertise

Experience base covering a broad range of sectors, leveraging long-standing working relationships with leading industry participants’ Senior Executives

  • - Process equipment such as pumps, valves and compressors
  • - Industrial automation solution providers
  • - System integrators and value-added re-sellers
  • - Manufacturing software solution providers


What I Bring to the Team

  • - In-depth understanding of manufacturing and operations sector
  • - Analytical and reasoning skills
  • - Expertise in interactions with key decision makers


Career Highlights

Prior to Frost & Sullivan, have hands on experience in end-to-end manufacturing operations management
  • - Larsen & Toubro Ltd, Chennai, India



  • - MBA from BIM, Trichy, India
  • - Bachelors in Production Engineering from Govt College of Tech, Coimbatore, India
  • - Certified Supply Chain Professional from APICS, USA

Areas of expertise

Recent items from Anand Gnanamoorthy

Volatile Oil Prices, Industrial Internet of Things, and Focus on Emerging Markets Open Up Exciting New Opportunities
This research service analyzes current and future trends in the global compressor market across various industries. This analysis is in an Excel format. Analysis is based on end users (chemicals, construction and mining, food and beverage, general manufacturing, life sciences, oil and gas, power generation and others), within the industrial air compressors market. The data are also segmented by product types (rotary, reciprocating, and centrifugal compressors) and power ranges at the global level. In addition, this research outlines the competitive structure and total market share analysis of major players across various regions and end-user segments for both industrial air compressors market and process gas compressors market. With 2018 as the base year, the research provides estimates of the market size and future growth prospects up to 2024. For this purpose, a specific methodology is followed that includes discussion with senior management of compressors manufacturers that is supported by secondary research. Discussion Highlights: · In-depth analysis, with market sizing of product segments: industrial air compressors - rotary, reciprocating, and centrifugal compressors · Regional perspective of demand pattern in various advanced and emerging markets, such as North America, Latin America, Europe, Middle East and Africa, and Asia- Pacific. · Focus on growth potential of various end-user industries (chemicals, construction and mining, food and beverage, general manufacturing, life sciences, oil and gas, power generation and others) across the various product types (industrial air compressors and process gas compressors) and regions (North America, Latin America, Europe, Middle East and Africa, and Asia- Pacific). · Competitive market revenues of the top 25 participants for industrial air compressors market and region are provided, in addition to end-user market analysis. Key Questions This Study Will Answer · What is the market opportunity for the global compressors market? · How big is each end-user segment? At what rate is each end-user segment growing? · Is the global compressor market growing? How long will it continue to grow, and at what rate? · Who are the main competitors in the industrial air compressor market and process gas compressor market? · What are the qualitative and quantitative trends that affect the compressor market? · What are the key growth opportunities arising in the industry? How should participants capitalize on them? · Which regions are hot spots for growth? · Which end-user segment is driving growth in such regions? Author: Anand Mugundhu Gnanamoorthy
Published: May 08 2019 Market Research
Industry 4.0, IIoT, and Smart Services are Disrupting the $3.47 Billion Market
This research study analyzes the North American pump services market across various industries. With increasing oil prices, the demand for pump services is expected to grow. Analysis is provided by type of pump service (MRO, installation and commissioning, decommissioning, and value-added services). Besides, the study sheds light on the key factors that drive this market, along with their impacts, through the forecast period. A comprehensive market share analysis for various types of service providers is also provided.
Published: Sep 26 2018 Market Research
Published: Apr 04 2018 Market Insights
Oil Price Recovery will Drive the Market in the Short Term and Digital Transformation will Disrupt the Market in the Long Term
The oil price crash had sparked economic turmoil and shaken the entire oil and gas industry value chain. Pump manufacturers were severely impacted during the price rout. As the oil price is expected to range between $60 and $70 for the year, there is increased optimism in the market. This is expected to drive a large amount of activities, especially in the upstream segment. The aim of this private market engineering research is to evaluate the opportunities for pumps (centrifugal and positive displacement pumps) across the global oil and gas industry, assessing various trends in each regions across the globe during the study period, based on usage in the upstream, midstream, and downstream segments.
Published: Apr 04 2018 Market Research
Industrial Internet of Things to Disrupt Conventional Market Dynamics
The aim of this research study is to assess trends and evaluate the opportunities for centrifugal pumps across North America until 2024. This research examines the growth prospects of process equipment pump companies across the region, the changing competitive landscape, and the needs and requirements of customers. The study focuses on how smarter and more energy-efficient pumps are gaining widespread adoption. It also highlights how the pump market is set to benefit both in terms of revenues and unit shipment growth as economies recover, export markets are restored, and the growth rate for various end-user segments in the North American region rises. Digital transformation caused by the convergence of industry forces is driving unprecedented change. Data is the new currency, and there is demand from end-users to generate and mine the data to convert it into actionable insights. This will transform and drive strong growth in the pumps market in the next few years. This research study brings out the latest trends in terms of industry, economy and technology across several end-user industries for centrifugal pumps and their product types.
Published: Mar 05 2018 Market Research
From a North American chemicals industry standpoint, it is beyond doubt that IoT is fast penetrating the chemicals industry wherein, use of connected sensors to monitor energy consumption in chemical manufacturing is helping in controlling costs and energy compliance.
Published: Dec 19 2017 Market Insights
Worldwide, businesses are making investments in technologies that improve staff productivity and enhance organisational flexibility. Technologies such as cloud, analytics, and mobility are therefore helping organisations achieve their business goals more easily.
Published: Dec 18 2017 Market Insights
The North American metering pumps market is in a mature state, and is expected to record a cumulative annual growth rate (CAGR) of 2.5% during 2016–2022. Although many manufacturers are attempting to introduce new technologies in the market, technological developments are becoming less frequent and some end users are reverting to the older style of metering pumps. This is because some end users consider these pumps to be more robust with functionality more suitable for their needs.
Published: Dec 07 2017 Market Insights
Diaphragm pumps are some of the most energy-efficient pumps in the market, using more motor torque on the foreword (power) stroke and far less on the back stroke. Owing to the pumps’ low initial costs, cheap repair and maintenance costs, and easy installation process, combined with their wide application range for pumping fluids with varied viscosities, diaphragm pumps
Published: Nov 27 2017 Market Insights
Increased Safety and Regulations Spur Demand for Branded Enclosures
The aim of this private market insight is to evaluate the opportunities for enclosures and cabinets across several industry sectors in North America, assessing the trends across the region during the study period. The market for enclosures and cabinets is highly fragmented and highly influenced by regional vendors due to price competitiveness. Increased safety awareness, enhanced service aspects, and holistic solutions attract end users towards branded enclosures and cabinets which are attested by several international safety standards and supplied by a few key market participants. This research study brings out the latest trends in terms of industry, economy and technology across several end-user industries for North American enclosures and cabinets market. The study concludes with an analysis of forecast growth trends of the North American enclosures and cabinet market for the forecast period.
Published: Aug 10 2017 Other
The US officially withdrew from the Paris Climate Agreement that was signed by 195 nations in 2016, aimed at controlling global warming. The agreement requested countries to work together to reduce the harmful emission such that the global temperature is limited to no more than 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels. While there are geopolitical and eco...
03 Jun 2017 Blog post
Last week, Flint Hills Resources LLC, the refining arm of billionaire brothers Charles and David Koch’s industrial empire, said in its website that it will pay $1.50 a barrel for North Dakota Sour, a high-sulfur grade of crude. Yes, you read it right. Instead of getting money for selling, they are paying money to take it out off their hands. A pro...
20 Jan 2016 Blog post

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