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Industry Manager- Advanced Medical Technologies
Frost & Sullivan


Industry Expertise

Oversees team of analysts that generates syndicated and custom analysis of target medical device market sectors. Including:
-Advanced Woundcare 
-Surgical Tools/ Robotics/Navigation   
-Long-term Patient Care 
-Innovative Healthcare Business Models
-Medical Imaging 
-Patient Monitoring 


 Functional Expertise

7 + years of market intelligence gathering and custom consulting experience. Particular expertise in:
-Blended primary and secondary research methodologies for data collection and analysis
-Voice of the Customer Research
-Market Segmentation
-Brand Positioning
-Emerging Markets
-Value Chain Analysis
-Medical Device Business Models
-Competitive Benchmarking
BS Electrical Engineering BA Biology- Southern Methodist University
BME Masters Graduate Work- University of Texas Austin

Areas of expertise

Recent items from Venkat Rajan

In the age of healthcare consumerism, it should not come as a surprise that retailers such as Walmart and CVS are poised to change how we seek and receive a wide spectrum of care services.
Published: Nov 22 2016 Market Insights
With the push of a button, Dr. Jim Rivas was digitally transported to his personally configured workspace. To his simulated left were access points to his personal logs and statistics, time worked, cases resolved, pending documents requiring his review and approval
Published: Aug 10 2016 Market Insights
Mitigating the Impact of Uncompensated Care
This research service is part of an on-going series of profiles from Frost & Sullivan’s Visionary Healthcare research practice that highlight innovative models for care delivery initiation across the globe. Case studies consider questions such as: What is the impetus for change? What impact could this have? What tools are required to execute? What are the opportunities? This module focuses on a case study from Sparrow Health System regarding proactive and preventive support for the homeless and showcases key analyst findings, the impact of uncompensated care for homeless individuals, proactive and preventive support framework, and downstream public impact.
Published: May 31 2016 Market Insights
In a surprising development, as part of a $1.1 Trillion spending bill, Congress voted to temporarily suspend the medical device excise tax provision of the Affordable Care Act. Since it went into effect in 2013, medical device manufacturers have been lobbying heavily to communicate the undue financial burden placed on them by the tax. So the questi...
12 Jan 2016 Blog post
The promise of novel technology platforms employed to improve operational efficiency and cut costs for healthcare delivery
Spending on medical technologies is often cited as the prime reason for the per capita cost of healthcare in the United States exceeding that of all other developed nations. Moreover, by correlating that spending to a
Published: Sep 09 2015 Market Insights
Digitization, Decentralization, and Democratization of Healthcare
In this research deliverable, Frost & Sullivan’s senior analyst team across the healthcare sector provide bold perspectives and predictions for the industry in 2015. The markets covered include pharmaceuticals and biotech, medical devices, medical imaging, and healthcare IT, amongst others. The analysis captures the impact of trends which are expected to transpire over the upcoming year. 2015 is poised to be a unique year to track how certain innovative models for healthcare delivery and care compensation begin to gain traction, as many traditional models are beginning to be phased out. Accordingly, as organizations make shifts for the future, this study provides guidance where to find the greatest opportunities for expansion.
Published: Mar 09 2015 Outlook
Disruptions and Transformations are Shaping the Future of Healthcare Delivery
This study analyzes trends impacting the future of healthcare delivery and market participants. Market solutions are transitioning from models suited to older citizens for use type service models toward business models built around value and quality of service. Companies with solutions around specific procedures or treatments could see attrition as cost pressures and reimbursements continue to undercut future market opportunity for expansion, while integrated platforms addressing wellness and preventative health will capture new money funneling into the system. This study looks strategically at some of the most significant transitions occurring in the industry and where future opportunities lie for companies.
Published: Dec 15 2014 Outlook
Published: Nov 06 2014 Best Practices
Published: Mar 28 2014 Best Practices
Large Opportunities in Expanding Treatment Options and New Technologies
This research service considers products and companies in the neurovascular intervention market in the United States. This market expects to witness many technology advancements in the next decade. A thorough analysis of revenue forecasts, unit forecasts, technological advances, and pricing are provided for the market’s various segments, including: neurovascular coils, liquid embolics, and stent retrievers markets. Market engineering measurements, drivers, and restraints are covered along with an analysis of the market’s highly competitive landscape. The base year is 2012 and the forecast period extends through 2017.
Published: Jul 22 2013 Market Research
Positioning for the Future
This 2013 Frost & Sullivan outlook study provides projections for the global medical devices market. Specifically, the research included identifies market sectors and sub-sectors poised for expansion; discusses key opportunities in emerging markets; identifies the four Rs in the medical device spectrum; and covers strategies for success in the new market paradigm. A timeline of the future of medical technology development is included as are the competitor landscape and a critical country analysis as well as the impact of technology trends. Final thoughts include new marketplace strategies for success and implications for organizations in this industry.
Published: Jul 16 2013 Market Research

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