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Avinash K. Bhaskar is an industry analyst and senior consultant with Frost & Sullivan’s Technical Insights team. Since joining Frost & Sullivan, Avinash has successfully managed and completed several technology strategy studies in the area of information technology, telecommunication, electronics and cleantech sectors. Avinash is adept in assessing future technology trends, technology value chain analysis, market sizing and segmentation, regulatory policy assessment and intellectual property evaluation. Avinash has consulted for several leading clients of Frost & Sullivan, many of whom are in the Fortune 500 list. Avinash also has product development experience having worked as a principal engineer for a biotech start-up. Avinash has also worked in India for Reliance Communications in the area of fiber optic network design for Bengaluru metropolitan. Avinash holds a master's degree in Mechanical Engineering from Concordia University, Montreal and is currently pursuing Strategic Decision and Risk Management Certificate from Stanford University.

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This Frost & Sullivan award provides a detailed insight into the latest global developments in the field of silicon carbide electronics.
Published: Dec 30 2011 Best Practices
Today the legendary Steve Jobs is no more. A legion of fans, nations and the future of technology mourn. In the past decade, no one came close to Steve Jobs in re-invigorating technology and helping in changing the global markets forever. Jobs instilled a sense of competitiveness and challenge to so many of Apple competitors that drove them to inno...
06 Oct 2011 Blog post
My last entry in this space was that of text mining. Since that piece, I have now moved onto learning the market trends in the multi-billion dollar business intelligence tools and so far the study has truly been a satisfying 'business discovery'. I emphasize the term 'business discovery' mainly because this is the catch phrase that is being used by...
11 Apr 2011 Blog post
I recently started with a new research on exploring the exciting technology area of text mining. The more I have learnt about the technology, the more I have realised the wonderful implications that it could potentially have on such multi-billion dollar sectors such as retail, banking & financial sector and healthcare. What the heck is text mining...
03 Mar 2011 Blog post
Radio frequency components including antennas are an integral part of cell phones and various other devices that send and receive radio frequency signals for voice and data communication. Radio frequency (RF) circuits used in mobile devices, such as cell phones and tablets, has remained relatively pedestrian, with no radical or truly innovative cha...
12 Jan 2011 Blog post
The growth of wireless technologies in the last five years has been phenomenal. Demand for data services continues to increase at a rapid pace, pushing development of newer technologies such as Long Term Evolution (LTE), WiMAX and HSPA+.  Although the urban population enjoys very good access speed from different technologies, rural areas with lower...
10 Jan 2011 Blog post
As President Obama pumps billions of dollars from his stimulus package to the cleantech industry, one cannot help but ponder, “Do we have enough ideas to justify the investment?”  Over the years, the Technical Insights’ team at Frost & Sullivan has been tracking emerging technology trends in the cleantech space; and we can say with confidence that...
08 Jan 2010 Blog post

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