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  • 15 years of industry expertise within emerging energy markets, particularly transmission and distribution with an emphasis on grid modernization/smart grid. Topics range from power distribution, power curtailment/demand response, customer engagement, renewable power, and micro grids.
  • Widely quoted in major industry journals such as Forbes, EE Times, Power Grid International, Investor’s Business Daily. Published articles in Environmental Leader, FMLink, and the Intelligent Utility.
  • Spoken at conferences including 2014 Itron Utility Week and keynote speaker at the 2010 Smart Grid Update Conference in San Diego and the 2007 Battery Conference.
  • Consulted multiple major OEMs on validation of market opportunities and assess risks within the energy sector.
  • Authored several studies on energy related topics such as C&I Customers in Deregulated Markets, North American Micro Grid Market, Global Smart Grid Market, North American Meter Market and Who is Trending the AMI Market?, Impact of Smart Grid Implementation on the Connected Home. Led project on evaluating large power users in deregulated states titled “Accelerating Growth in the Competitive Electricity Market”.  


BBA –Business Administration and Marketing (Towson University, Baltimore)

Market Economist, International Marketing (Niels Brock Copenhagen Business College, Denmark)

Recent items from Farah Saeed

Published: Oct 10 2017 Best Practices
A Customer Perspective
This study is derived from a survey of IT decision makers around the world across multiple industries. It provides insightful information on what drives investment in IT solutions, the IT-related challenges that organizations face today, and most importantly, plans for IT budgets. Technologies covered include Enterprise Mobility Management, Social Media Management & Marketing Tools, eCommerce/mCommerce, Unified Communications & Collaboration, Infrastructure and Data Centers, Big Data and Analytics, Digital Marketing, Customer Experience Management, Cybersecurity, Internet of Things (M2M), ERP/Supply Chain Management/HR Management. There is section on Internet of Things that explores drivers, challenges, and different phases of implementation. End user companies will be able to benchmark themselves with regard to IT investments while IT companies will learn how to gain a competitive advantage over the next few years.
Published: Sep 22 2016 Customer Research
By Farah Saeed, Principal Consultant Grid These days disruption is not just limited to the influx of digitalization of the grid but also being observed in the traditional brick and mortar side of the industry. Power transformer, which are by far the most critical and expensive component on the grid is under intense scrutiny. This started back in...
25 May 2016 Blog post
-An analyst view on the recent Opower and Oracle acquisition announcement By Farah Saeed, Principal Consultant Frost & Sullivan As most are aware Oracle is not new to utility space. In fact, the company specializes in a wide variety of enterprise software such as meter data management, customer and demand side management, outage management, as we...
03 May 2016 Blog post
An Analyst View of Itron Utility Week, 2015 By Farah Saeed, Principal Consultant, E&E A couple of weeks ago I attended the annual Itron Utility Week, which was held in the heart of downtown Los Angeles, California. California was the perfect location to continue last year’s theme of resourceful innovation that tied in perfectly with California’s...
18 Nov 2015 Blog post
By Farah Saeed, Principal Consultant Energy & Environment Traditionally a strong brand translates to instant recognition of a distinct offering or service from a particular company. If done right instant recognition can contribute positively to mind and market share gains. It can also support a customer’s decision to switch a provider or to stay w...
29 Apr 2015 Blog post
An analyst angle of Itron Utility Week By Farah Saeed, Frost & Sullivan Conservation of resources remains high on the global agenda both in terms of water and energy. As major installation of first generation of advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) systems comes to completion, Itron has been busy thinking ahead on the next wave of technology r...
23 Oct 2014 Blog post
An in-depth look at Customer Choice for Energy Service and Electricity Consumption Patterns
Of the 24 states in the U.S. having deregulated markets for energy, 14 are fully deregulated in both electricity and gas with liberty to purchase from the best-price bidder while continuing to get electricity delivered using the distribution lines of the local utility. Between October and November 2013 Frost & Sullivan conducted a customer survey of 250 commercial & industrial medium and large companies to determine customer perception and purchase criteria for electricity and energy service management.Evaluating 6 of the 14 fully deregulated states, mainly, Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, and Connecticut found respondents of manufacturing, data centers, hospitals, small franchisees, and education end user profiles spelling out customer requirements to suppliers of choice in a market dictated by low customer loyalty, high price competition, and low market entry barriers. While these conditions were revealing of fractioned market, it demonstrates why price cuts cannot be the only method for customer retention and loyalty in the C&I market for electricity, and that customer apathy on the subject of electricity might just be explained by their ignorance of the difference between a Distribution Utility and a Competitive Retailer when choosing a supplier and not by generalising it a phenomenon observable in different ways throughout the market.
Published: May 26 2014 Market Insights
Increased Investment to Bring about Opportunities
Pressure to reduce costs, improve revenues, and become more competitive has prompted investor-owned utilities to utilize outsourcing transmission and distribution (T&D) services. Recent winter storms, which hit the states between 2012 and 2013, prompted utilities to invest rugged T&D infrastructure. Furthermore, the addition of renewable power on the grid utilities to reevaluate the current network infrastructure, including microprocessor-enabled power distribution equipment that can swiftly react to intermittencies and other variations caused by renewable power. This study evaluates 3 different types of T&D services offered to the market including engineering and consultancy, construction, operations, and maintenance.
Published: May 14 2014 Market Research
By Farah Saeed, Principal Consultant As few of you may have noticed I finally upon some reluctance decided to jump the bandwagon and got myself a Twitter account @farahsaee (hint hint). Now with some few followers I can finally say, I know what hash tag means, including #ActOnClimate. This week the U.S. government took a step in the right directi...
09 May 2014 Blog post
By Farah Saeed, Principal Consultant This has been an exciting week in the energy sector as two major stories on acquisitions continue to develop. Exelon recently announced the agreement to purchase Pepco Holdings for $6.8 billion in cash and GE announced the intent to purchase Alstom for $13.5 billion in cash as well. Pepco acquisition is a remi...
01 May 2014 Blog post
By Farah Saeed, Principal Consultant As the summer months approach, concerns about peak power load begin to set in for most utility companies Preparations for the worst case scenario are planned for all year long, but, as always, extra attention is required during the summertime due to high energy demand. To avoid running peak power generators, m...
08 Apr 2014 Blog post
By Farah Saeed, Principal Consultant Attending DistribuTech is always an exciting event. The timing is perfect, it is usually right after the holiday break where fresh ideas and inspiration are required to start the year. This year was no different. Technologies featured appeared to focus on the following three themes: Power Restoration Mobil...
13 Feb 2014 Blog post
An insight on the latest acquisition of Nest By Farah Saeed, Principal Consultant for Energy and Environment at Frost & Sullivan Living in Silicon Valley, it is difficult to avoid the excitement surrounding innovation and IT technology. Everywhere you go you run into people working at CISCO, Google, Apple, investment firm, and the like. There is...
20 Jan 2014 Blog post
By Farah Saeed, Principal Consultant GIL 2013 Discusses the Progress of Smart Cities and its Market Implication Multiple terms and definitions have been used to describe smart city. However, motives for infrastructural change are no different from any other retrofit, which are essentially to improve performance, efficiency, and functionality of a...
23 Jul 2013 Blog post
By Farah Saeed, Principal Consultant This past Fourth of July extended weekend, I did what most nuclear families do, namely went on a road trip. With two kids buckled up in the back with their PC-tablet in their hands, we headed to a world “where dreams come true”; destination: Disneyland. As you read this you are probably wondering why I am talk...
08 Jul 2013 Blog post
An Emerging Concept for Decentralized Power
The North American micro grid market is still in the early stages of commercialization despite successful deployments at university campuses and other demonstration sites for military applications. The question is whether micro grid holds the true promise of decentralized power and/or can become a solution for achieving energy efficiency. This market insight evaluates the current market status for micro grids, discusses key market dynamics, and identifies key market stakeholders.
Published: Jun 05 2013 Market Insights
In pursuit of a digital grid.
Investments for smart grid technologies are expected to flourish through 2017. The objective of this study is to validate and forecast the global smart grid market by geographic region and by key technology categories. Technologies discussed include advanced meter infrastructure, demand response, distribution grid management, and high voltage transmission technologies. This study also discusses key opportunities and challenges experienced in each region as well as provide analysis of the competitive environment and identifies key market share leaders.
Published: Aug 02 2011 Market Research
North American Utility Revenue Meter Market
With the advent of the smart grid, the utility revenue meter market is undergoing many rapid changes such as convergence of information and communication technology with meter hardware, and increased emphasis on improving network infrastructure, interoperability, and security. This study provides market analysis of the North American utility revenue meter market. Forecast period is 2007 to 2017. Market segments include electric, gas, residential, and commercial and industrial. Market analysis includes revenue forecasts, discussion on the competitive structure, and market share analysis.
Published: Oct 25 2010 Market Research

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