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Frost & Sullivan
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Industry Expertise
Ten years of experience in the Information and Communications Technology domain with a dominant focus on digital media topics including over-the-top video, broadcast & Pay TV technologies, cloud in M&E, 3D, and enterprise digital technologies

Functional Expertise

Growth strategies; vendor and industry due-diligence; marketing; regional and product line expansion

What I bring to the Team
Cross cultural and regional leadership; strategic project management; forging strong client partnerships; and business development

Career Highlights

  • Speaker and Participant at industry forums such as NetEvents, NASSCOM, Streaming Media, NAB, CII forums
  • Quoted and published in several industry magazines including Digital Studio, Streaming, Forbes, among others
  • Managing 100+ member cross-industry analyst team
  • Formerly a media consultant, executed public and private broadcast projects for agencies, corporates, TV production houses, NGOs and Govt. of India
  • Awarded the Service Excellence Award at Frost & Sullivan, 2010
  • Awarded the President's Club Research Recognition Award at Frost & Sullivan, 2009

Areas of expertise

Recent items from Vidya Subramanian Nath

Digital India takes on a new meaning as accelerated connectivity and over-the-top applications power the market
•India is poised to be among the top five economies in the world by 2020. Home to over a billion mobile subscribers and the second largest Internet user base in the world, it will become a key force of reckoning for global business, policy, and technology advancement.
Published: Apr 05 2017 Market Insights
Improved Communication Infrastructure and New age Technology to Drive Sweeping Changes to Businesses in India
Indian enterprises have begun to embrace new age technologies to improve the operational efficiency, business processes and customer experience to address the competitive environment. Digital transformation is capable of transforming businesses by improving business agility. , empowering stakeholders and providing new revenue models. In India CIOs are adopting digital technologies at various levels based on the immediate need of organisations and revenue goals. There is a lack of holistic approach which is essential for long term benefits. This study defines digital transformation, components of SMAC and other associated technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT), digital marketing and cybersecurity that are essential for modern day enterprises. The study gives a perspective both about the demand and the supply side of the market to identify the maturity of the solutions available and also the levels of DT activities across various industries in the country. The study analyses the challenges and drivers of digital transformation(DT) in India and also analyses the levels of DT activities in major industries like Healthcare, manufacturing, BFSI, Online retail and IT/ITes.
Published: Sep 30 2016 Market Insights
Customer Experience and Relevant Technology Investments will Help Monetize Content and Avoid Churn
The MENA broadcast market is undergoing transformation to suit the evolving social, political and economic trends. Adoption of HD/UHD, OTT video services, advanced transcoding, digitisation of workflow and adoption of IP for production are the major trends that are shaping the broadcast industry worldwide and also MENA to some extent. Though there are a number of challenges such as the fluctuation in oil price and weariness in terms of returns on investments, major broadcasters are investing in technological advancements along with the existing legacy set ups. GCC countries are advanced in term of technology adoption followed by Levant and North Africa. Major broadcasters in GCC are investing in improving the workflow and making it suitable for multi-platform delivery. Technology providers are sensing green field opportunities in North Africa since their broadcast systems have just started to develop and broadcasters open to innovation. The MENA technology trends market insight analyses the trends that are shaping the broadcast industry, factors affecting technology investments and regional trends on technology investments. The report also presents the broadcast technology index for all the countries in the MENA region.
Published: Sep 13 2016 Market Insights
Guidelines and Regulations regarding FDI and DAS Critical for the Growth of Television Services in India
The TV broadcast industry has evolved significantly over the last decade characterized by growing business models, increased competition, changing regulations, and above all a significant shift in consumer preferences. The TV industry in India is also undergoing a lot of changes as a result of digitization mandates. Low entry barriers and an ease in regulation around broadcasting licenses in the late nineties led many entrepreneurs and organizations to enter the television segment, and a gradual increase in the number of channels over the past decade. Despite the tremendous growth in the number of TV channels in the last few years this sector had to face difficulties primarily due to capacity constraints and non-addressable nature of the network. This led to recommendations for implementation of DAS - Digital Addressable Cable TV Systems by the Government on 5th August 2010. The implementation of Digitization was decided to take place in a phased manner covering metropolitan cities in the first place followed by tier-2 and tier-3 cities and rest of India. This insight includes an overview of the broadcasting industry in India, its drivers and the major regulations impacting television broadcasters, cable TV, Direct-To-Home (DTH) and Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) service operators. The study discusses the role of all major regulatory bodies and the regulations that related to uplinking, downlinking, program codes, advertisement codes, licensing framework, new channel launch, foreign direct investments (FDI), carriage fees and set-top boxes.
Published: Sep 12 2016 Market Insights
Competitive Intensity Escalates in High Growth Market, User Experience and Variety of Content is Key to Success
India is an attractive market for multiscreen video consumption, which has led to emergence of numerous OTT service providers in the past two years: broadcasters, portals, start-ups, and more recently, international video aggregators such as Netflix. According to Frost & Sullivan, there are about 66 million unique connected video viewers in India, and about 1.3 million OTT paid video subscribers. With increase in the use of smart devices in India, content owners and aggregators are using non-TV platforms to improve reach and generate revenues through subscription and advertisement.
Published: Feb 15 2016 Market Insights
Published: Feb 03 2016 Market Insights
Published: Dec 27 2015 Market Insights
Multiscreen Video Growing Rapidly in MENA; DAM and DRM Technologies are Gaining Importance as a Result
This market presents the Industry Outlook on TV Everywhere in Middle East and North Africa Region outlining the trends in business models and technology for multiscreen video distribution. The insight presents an indepth analysis of the ecosystem, types of business models for over-the-top and multiscreen video distribution in the region, technology essentials, and trends that will change the landscape in the future such as social media and broadband penetration. It also presents the TV Everywhere index in the region that plots countries for their attractiveness for go-to-markets for TV Everywhere opportunities and an elaborate perspective on Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Egypt.
Published: Jun 11 2015 Market Insights
Increasing Enterprise Digital Marketing Initiatives Drive Growth at a CAGR of 25% by 2020
A Marketing Automation Solution (MAS) is a tool that automates marketing and sales activities to drive revenue growth and empowers organizations to make data-driven decisions. It includes Content Marketing Enablement, Lead Management, Sales Enablement, and Marketing Analytics and Measurement. The MAS market in India is at a nascent stage; awareness levels are low. Hence, end users are apprehensive about making the shift from using manual modes of digital marketing to automated modes. This report also covers the drivers and restraints for the growth of the MAS market in India. It consists of 7-year forecast of revenue for the total market and various end-user segment breakdowns, such as B2B, B2C, Enterprise, and SMBs. It also details the pricing and unit forecasts and trends. A detailed questionnaire was developed to understand the awareness levels, the rate of adoption, and the trends that currently exist in the region for MAS as a tool. 200 top-level executives from various verticals responded, and a combined analysis of end-user and vendor-side perspectives is provided in this study to render a holistic view of the MAS market in India.
Published: Dec 09 2014 Market Research
Published: Jul 25 2014 Best Practices
Reliance's acquisition of Network18 is big on money, but blurry on value of growth of the brand and content. It undoubtedly is a sweep stroke for access to a variety of content as Network18 has 24 channel properties at national and regional level, a number of movie titles, and distribution rights to a fairly large bouquet. However, content is fast...
30 May 2014 Blog post
Last year at a conference in Singapore, I predicted that the days of Pay TV services as we know it- Cable/ DTH/ IPTV- will fast disappear. These modes of distribution identified with their respective businesses will become redundant over the next ten years and video services will evolve. Technology will be the catalyst, not the differentiator for t...
17 Jan 2014 Blog post
Wall Street and many world wide waited long enough for Facebook (FB) to go public. And now that the company has filed for the IPO, there will be incessant chatter- on its success, its 800+ million strong user network, its profitablity and its (hidden) policies and agenda.Though an analyst, I don't want to examine or comment on its valuation. Many I...
02 Feb 2012 Blog post

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