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Director of Consulting
Frost & Sullivan
Environment & Building Technologies


Functional Expertise

Over fifteen years of experience in research and consulting in environmental technologies, energy, building technologies and urban infrastructure sectors, covering:

-Markets, Technologies and Industry Research , including market commercialization prospects and best practices
-Project feasibility studies, acquisition target research and due diligence
-Geographical expansion strategies and new market exploration

Industry Expertise

Ten plus years in the environment and building technology sectors, with focus on both traditional and sustainable solutions including:

-Sustainable solutions, energy efficient technologies and solutions, climate technologies and HVACR, smart building solutions and energy management, connected homes, building automation and control, IoT, cybersecurity and smart cities
-Water and waste water, waste management and remediation
-Air pollution control and environmental quality solutions
-Emerging segments such as carbon markets, capture technologies, environmental monitoring and diagnostics
-Associated service markets and vertical industry segments

What I bring to the Team

-Years of industry contacts and connections, understanding market trends from the participant’s point of view
-Extensive client interaction and strategic project execution and management
-Broad perspective of people, regions and industry sectors with work experience in North American and Asian markets
-Frequently presented at major industry events such as Intelligent & Green Buildings Summit, Growth Innovation & Leadership Conference (Frost & Sullivan), leading industry webinars and forums
-Often featured, quoted and interviewed in national publications and newswires such as Bloomberg, the Wall Street Journal,, Businessweek, San Francisco Chronicle, Green Biz, Associated Press, New York Times and Chicago Tribune
-Serves on the advisory board of Realcomm/IB-Con ; member of the Intelligent Integrated Buildings Council, the Connected Home Council and the Smart Grid Working Group of the Continental Automated Buildings Association.

Career Highlights

-Principal Consultant, Energy & Environment, 2015
-Industry Manager, Energy & Environment, 2011-2014
-Sr. Industry Analyst and Program Manager of Frost & Sullivan’s Environment and Building Technologies Practice since 2006-2010
-Sr. Consultant with CBRE Inc from 1998-2005. Worked as a core member of the Strategic Consulting Group of CBRE South Asia
-Established relationships with major industry players and organizations, including Philips, GE, Schneider Electric, Emerson, Johnson Controls, Siemens Building Technologies, US Green Building Council, Continental Automated Buildings Association, American Water Works Association


-Masters Degree in Economics; BA – Economics (Hons), India

Recent items from Konkana Khaund

Understanding Threats and Opportunities within Smart Technology Ecosystems of North American Homes
The ecosystem of the connected homes market has expanded quite rapidly over the last five years, encompassing a host of technology vendors and service providers from home automation to information and communications technology (ICT), integrated service providers, utilities, and more. This study, based on a survey of 1,263 respondents in the United States and Canada, reveals that the adoption of smart home technologies is significant, growing, and challenging. It identifies key differences in the attitudes and behaviors of connected home solution adopters, potential adopters, and non-adopters. The study provides an understanding of the types of smart technologies, devices, and cybersecurity measures that are being used in North American homes.
Published: Aug 10 2016 Customer Research
Technology innovation, design, education and interactivity-Lightifair 2016 combined all of this intensively with some 500+ exhibitors and a swarm of visitors throughout the last three days in San Diego, California. As I scouted through the many booths spread across six pavilions, including one that was wholly dedicated to building integration, the...
29 Apr 2016 Blog post
Finally an LED light bulb for under $3…thanks to Osram Sylvannia as per their latest announcement this morning. When I wrote this blog back in Oct, 2013 about "Making LEDs affordable to the consumer,” a $3 LED lighting bulb from my local retailer seemed a very distant possibility: ...
25 Feb 2016 Blog post
Experimentation with Heat Transfer Fluids and liquid immersion cooling has already come to mark the next big wave of technology innovation in data center cooling. Efficiencies gained in using liquid cooling, particularly water, is helping prove the business case for sustainable cooling strategies for data centers that are constantly embroiled in hi...
02 Feb 2016 Blog post
Johnson Controls Inc.’s (JCI) recently announced acquisition of Tyco International is the latest in strategic competitive moves that underpins a key mega trend defining several industry sectors at present: “Convergence of technology leads to convergence of competition.“ Technology convergence has been the cornerstone of the smart building technolog...
26 Jan 2016 Blog post
Inaction is No Longer an Option
Today’s smart buildings are increasingly enabled by Internet-of-Things because of the convergence of operational and information technology systems. A host of new elements such as the cloud, remote access, data sharing and analytics, and connected and shared networks has changed how built environments are being used and operated. Additionally, these elements have thrown open an otherwise closed-loop building architecture into one that necessitates the open access and control of many operators and service providers, thus making it vulnerable to cyber threats. This research paper looks at the issue of cybersecurity in smart buildings and the steps needed to counter this disruptive trend.
Published: Sep 25 2015 Market Insights
The evolving trends in the buildings industry are prompting a slew of new paradigms to congregate within its ever expanding domain. Over the last decade new technology, trends, terminology, positions and operational dynamics have consistently made their way into this industry.
Published: Aug 28 2015 Market Insights
The connected home brings up the image of a myriad of smart devices, applications and platforms addressing various lifestyle functions of the consumer. The quick proliferation of IoT has made this area notoriously synonymous with vast data streams and compiled intelligence in need of processing and analytics. While that conundrum in M2M communicati...
22 Jul 2015 Blog post
On Monday June 8, 2015, at the company’s Worldwide Developers' Conference (WWDC) in San Francisco Apple is expected to announce further details of its plans to make the iPhone the remote operating system for smart homes. Apple's smart home platform - HomeKit can now be controlled by an iOS device. With this announcement we can now look forward to...
04 Jun 2015 Blog post
As 2013 comes to a close and we all eagerly await the new year to unfold, I am sure each of us are going through a time of reflection on things gone by, and an anticipation of what the new year holds for us. No matter how much of a surprise we expect, it is almost uncanny that things to come are often predictable to a certain degree, and largely de...
19 Dec 2013 Blog post
Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) provide a range of services including audits, financing, installation and maintenance and are repaid based on the client’s energy savings. Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) allows private firms to enter into arrangements with building owners to reduce the energy consumption of their buildings through customized e...
19 Dec 2013 Blog post
Published: Dec 03 2013 Best Practices
The degree to which Information Technology (IT) influences the built environment is large and increasing. There are challenges in bringing facility managers up to speed on this impact that can have huge benefits. But what steps need to be taken by technology vendors and facility managers (FM) to reap the full advantage these technologies? The integ...
29 Nov 2013 Blog post
Realcomm’s upcoming webinar on “Best Practices – Best of the Best for 2013 Intelligent Building Technologies” to be held on 12/12/2013, is a timely look at some of the best practices adopted in technology integration in intelligent buildings. For an industry that is still grappling with how to define intelligence, and most importantly take the righ...
29 Nov 2013 Blog post
In September this year, Philips lighting announced its ambitious plan to collaborate with retailer Staples to bring LED lighting within affordability and accessibility to the general consumer. This partnership with Staples will see Philips’ Energy Star-rated LED products retailed across 360 Staples stores in North America. The complete portfolio of...
30 Oct 2013 Blog post
This morning’s announcement from GridPoint, Inc. regarding the appointment of new CEO Todd Raba certainly ushers in some positive changes not only for the company, but for the enterprise energy management market itself.
17 Oct 2013 Blog post
The concept of connected home has broadened over the last decade to encompass a variety of functionalities and applications that work inside a home to those that permeate beyond into the external communication environment. The incorporation of connectivity into existing automated or digital components changes the demand dynamics for connected home...
30 Sep 2013 Blog post
The concept of 'smart city' has become a central topic for a wide cross section of industry participants ranging from city administrators, technology vendors and infrastructure providers. While the momentum gained globally for setting up smart city projects is impressive, the challenges and pitfalls faced are equally immense, leading to critical qu...
30 Aug 2013 Blog post
Demand Rising in Non-residential Applications
Higher energy savings can be achieved by the use of geothermal heating and cooling systems. This research service provides an in-depth analysis of the North American geothermal heating and cooling market. It is split between open-loop and closed-loop geothermal heat pumps segments. The analysis provides revenue forecasts for the total market and considers the various drivers and restraints that affect the market in North America. In addition, revenue forecasts for each market segment, distribution channel, and vertical markets are provided as is an analysis of the competitive landscape. The study period for this research service is 2009 to 2017; the base year is 2012.
Published: Jul 23 2013 Market Research
Schneider Electric's proposal to take over British manufacturing company Invensys has been the key focus of several business media outlets this morning. Links below from the Wall Street Journal and The Telegraph (U.K.) state that Invensys is considering the offer in a bid to strengthen its industrial automation and software businesses primarily for...
12 Jul 2013 Blog post
This study covers the 360 degree perspective of the North American and global environmental and building technologies industry. In addition, an analysis of the competitive landscape, market trends, industry challenges, and emerging technologies are included.
Published: Jun 27 2011 Market Research

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