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Frost & Sullivan has attended Huawei’s 2017 Huawei Analyst Summit (HAS 2017) in Shenzhen, where Huawei discussed its performance results and future strategy. One of the key announcements during the summit was the launch of its first public cloud service suite called ServiceStage. Eric Xu, Huawei's Rotating CEO, opened the summit with an in-depth o...
11 May 2017 Blog post
Huawei in the pre-MWC conference, London, 2017 showed itself to be visionary in its thinking and planning. With the evolution of the ICT space and the increased uptake of technologies such as the cloud, analytics, mobility and automation – Huawei has captured the linkage across these areas and planned for it with the launch of its cloud suite as th...
09 Mar 2017 Blog post
Smartwatches Drive Growth in Global Wearables Market
Wearables are computing devices (e.g., glasses, watches, wristbands, and helmets) worn on the body as clothing or accessories, which can perform a number of functions including, but not limited to, data recording, reporting, analysis, and communication.
Published: Sep 30 2016 Market Insights
Augmented reality (AR) is the superimposition of the virtual world over the real world. It is the expansion of physical reality by adding layers of computer-generated information to the real environment. The aforementioned information can be in any form such as text, graphics, video, sound, haptic feedback, and GPS data.
Published: Sep 28 2016 Market Insights
Iranian ICT Market Snapshot
Published: Dec 30 2015 Market Insights
Published: Dec 07 2015 Market Insights
LatentView was founded with the aim of being a trusted analytics partner. This has dictated many aspects of the way we do business.
Published: Jul 24 2015 Movers & shakers

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