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Research Manager
Frost & Sullivan
Automotive & Transportation


Functional Expertise

§More than 8.5 years of automotive strategy consulting and research experience, having worked on more than 25 projects at a global scale. Specific expertise in:
-Go-to market strategy formulation
-New market entry and diversification strategies
-New business model analysis and evaluation
-Voice of customer and willingness to pay analysis
-Due diligence activities
-Competitive intelligence and benchmarking

Industry Expertise

§Experience base covers a wide range of industry sectors, forming long standing relationships with senior executives in the
-Automotive Telematics and Infotainment
-Automotive Advanced Driver Assistance Systems
-IT and Telecoms
-Electric Vehicles

What I bring to the Team

Core expertise and experience in research and consulting for the automotive market
Industry recognized expertise in the area of telematics and infotainment in Europe
Extensive client management, business development and presentation skills
Experienced project manager handling large teams with successful execution track recor

Career Highlights

§Before Frost & Sullivan, experience in production and design functions in leading automotive firms:
-Intern, Research and Development, Lucas TVS India Pvt Ltd
-Intern, Production Department, Tractors and Farm Equipment India Pvt Ltd


§Executive Program in Business Management from Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta
§Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering from Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani

Areas of expertise

Recent items from Praveen Chandrasekar

The two-hour power shutdown hogged all the headlines this past week at CES 2018, still there were many interesting developments and announcements from Vegas pertaining to the automotive world. Most of these were pertaining to the world of autonomous driving and its implications on areas like user experience, infotainment/entertainment. There were a...
15 Jan 2018 Blog post
Artificial Intelligence in Different Sizes and Digital Assistants Steal the Show Many including the team at Frost & Sullivan initially believed that CES 2017 was a bit of a letdown compared to 2016 but on a closer look it actually made more sense on a few focused areas. Though there were a few important misses like GM who chose to stay out of the...
16 Jan 2017 Blog post
Cost Effective LIDAR Sensing Might Steal the Show January is fast approaching and the first thing on the mind of anyone associated with the automotive industry is the Consumer Electronics Show, held in Las Vegas. The show where close to 20 percent space or close to 200,000 Sqft dedicated to automotive technologies and despite the crazy crowd, impo...
02 Jan 2017 Blog post
I have never been fascinated much with new car launches as the sales pitches can get really boring but a new brand launch is something I got to experience last week. December 14th 2016 witnessed the unveiling of a new electric vehicle brand “Lucid Motors” with its roots in the US, inspired from everything California and the blending of three dist...
21 Dec 2016 Blog post
Toyota unveiled today its connected car company, a name that it has assigned to its brand new connected car vision and strategy.  While the news that Toyota continues to leave behind Apple and Google with their respective Carplay and Android Auto solutions is surprising it nevertheless affirms the seriousness with which Toyota is getting into the c...
04 Nov 2016 Blog post
Elon Musk had a lot of people guessing with the Tweet that mentioned about an interesting unveil from Telsa this week. Analysts and consultants started spinning several theories that ranged from a two-wheeler concept to stuff related to SolarCity or a new model variant to Hyperloop related stuff but due credit to Mr. Musk, he did surprise us all. W...
20 Oct 2016 Blog post
HERE continues to pile on the innovations from a connected services perspective. Recently the company launched a slew of industry’s first predictive and personalized services focused around traffic, parking and fuel recommendations. The announcement at the Paris motor show from HERE on the real-time data services that resulted from an industry firs...
06 Oct 2016 Blog post
Much of the industry is viewing automated/autonomous driving as the next big revolution hitting the automotive industry and thereby allowing OEMS to transition from engineering to services/solutions. Even during today’s webcast BMW mentioned the partnership with Intel and Mobileye as a key enabler in its vision to transition to a technology player....
01 Jul 2016 Blog post
Modularity is the ability to separate a system's components and recombine them, where each component is a module. This concept has been ingrained in children as they play with LEGO, which offers the ability to make different constructs using..
Published: May 25 2016 Market Insights
Immediate Opportunity to Monetize ADAS/L2 Automated Driving Features but the Real Challenge is to Get Women Customers On Board
"I believe the auto industry will change more in the next five to ten years than it has in the last 50, and this gives us the opportunity to make cars more capable, more sustainable, and more exciting than ever before."
Published: May 20 2016 Market Insights
Read these three quotes all reported in the last 48 hours. FCA and Google-->“This first phase of the operation is very targeted. It’s designed to take Google technology into the minivan. It’s very, very focused,” Marchionne told reporters today prior to a celebration marking the launch of the 2017 Chrysler Pacifica minivan. Ford Investing in Pivo...
06 May 2016 Blog post
Here are some interesting headlines I have read thus far this week. Attribute it to the journalist’s skill or the sheer need to compare everything with Uber or Tesla, bottom line is the disruption associated with every little announcement in the auto world. 1) Jaguar Land Rover launching InMotion, an internal startup focusing on developing apps an...
13 Apr 2016 Blog post
First things – this industry is now consistently witnessing a CEO who gets a rock star reception almost everywhere, stumbles and fumbles in his unprepared speech that is to the point unlike his counterparts and unveils new products that immediately sets off a chain reaction at other car companies. Welcome to the world of Elon Musk and Tesla’s newes...
01 Apr 2016 Blog post
Autonews reported this morning that March is going to be a record month for the US auto industry with sales growing at 7% from a year ago and the highest ever since 2000 at 1.66 million. There are industry forecasts that say that this run rate could take us to about 17.3 million sales overall for the year. At the same time the article says that inc...
25 Mar 2016 Blog post
The past few weeks have been very interesting for the US auto industry as the two domestic giants are finally showing signs of taking on the Germans in the urban and intelligent mobility game. The reason I refer to the German OEMs specifically BMW and Daimler is that they spotted this trend (of mobility as a separate revenue opportunity) much earli...
15 Mar 2016 Blog post
It has become a trend of sorts recently to equate every new automotive consolidation (at different tiers) as a way to combat with Apple and Google. Actually speaking the Inrix OpenCar entity is in some sorts an alternative to Google and Apple but in many ways a semi-end to end solution that can go on top of these two. To understand this comparison...
10 Mar 2016 Blog post
It’s the turn of the Europeans now and the Mobile World Congress and Geneva Motor Show each had its fair share of connected car and HMI moments.  In many ways what came out of these two shows were very different from CES and Detroit motor show. The two biggest trends that emerged are developments around 5G overall and its implications for the car i...
04 Mar 2016 Blog post
I have to admit I did not pay enough attention to the FordPass unveiling that happened at the Detroit motor show. That and the news yesterday from NHTSA that Google’s Level 5 (level 4 for NHTSA) solution has the potential to be classified as an operator are two really important items for this industry to shift from an extremely product focused mind...
11 Feb 2016 Blog post
Another eventful consumer electronics show (CES) came to an end last Saturday at Las Vegas and once again, automated driving continues to be the key showcase. Frost & Sullivan had a team of analysts covering
Published: Jan 14 2016 Market Insights
The reality of the connected car business has more nuances to it than just the discussion around Apple Carplay and Android Auto. As a business area for OEMs
Published: Jan 05 2016 Market Insights
With or without Microsoft, to try something new in the auto market always has its challenges
In a major breakthrough six years ago, Ford decided to use infotainment, connectivity and smartphones as a key differentiator in a mature US automotive market through its SYNC solution. Even though Ford currently reports more than 7 million SYNC installations (co-developed with Microsoft) with over 60 smartphone apps, a large part of this has been attributed to some smart packaging strategies.
Published: Feb 27 2014 Market Insights
There are roughly 240 million cars on the road in the United States. Of these, over 150 million vehicles are of model year (MY) 1996 and later. These vehicles are key to a new trend in the connected car market in North America. There are many startups releasing do-it-yourself (DIY) plug-in solutions and smartphone apps that tap into vehicle data. The aim is to provide better services for a much larger customer base, compared to what vehicle manufacturers can do with their forward compatible solutions.
Published: Dec 12 2013 Market Insights
North America will Continue to be the Major Innovation Force
The focus of this study is to strategically analyze the global market for telematics and infotainment. Key market drivers, restraints, and trends are covered, and recent developments in the market are discussed. The study outlines the market for human machine interfaces, infotainment systems, connectivity models, navigation systems, and telematics services. Unit shipment forecasts for the same technologies are provided. The study also analyzes consumer preference for smartphone based infotainment models and also gives the preference for different type of available car interfaces. This study provides key conclusions and recommendations based on current value-chain dynamics.
Published: Apr 16 2013 Market Research
Future of Connected Infotainment and Telematics Market
This research study focuses on the impact of connectivity and cloud-based infotainment models being developed by vehicle manufacturers, such as Toyota and Ford, in European and U.S. markets. The study also looks at the evolution of IT mobility platforms being developed by companies such as IBM, Bosch, and Siemens and provides information on current and future infotainment and telematics market approaches by vehicle manufacturers in Europe and North America. This research service also discusses consumer requirements and willingness to pay for connected infotainment systems and human machine interfaces. Finally, the study provides conclusions and strategic recommendations for future growth
Published: Feb 03 2012 Market Research
Billing and Smart Charging as Two Key Opportunity Areas in the EV Infrastructure Segment
This study provides an overview of the different IT mobility platforms being developed by automotive and non-automotive suppliers by providing connected vehicle services to the consumer as well as the entire electric vehicles ecosystem. This research service also gives a competitive overview of different platforms being developed by companies such as IBM, Bosch, Siemens and others. Detailed analyses of different IT mobility platform applications such as smart charging, vehicle to grid communications, and payment and billing solutions are also provided. Finally conclusions and strategic recommendations are also provided for key market participants ranging from vehicle manufacturers to core automotive suppliers to IT companies.
Published: Jan 30 2012 Market Research
The study is an update to an existing study which gave an overview of the EV market, indicate the development in infrastructure, business models, initiatives and consumer research. Further, this study also focusses on key trends such as mega cities, urbanisation, mobility trends and car sharing. Study also provides an update to the existing sales forecasts for electric vehicles and also has similar forecasts for electric two wheelers and electric commercial vehicles.
Published: Apr 15 2010 Market Research

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