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I'm a market strategist with a concentration on finding adjacent market opportunities for ICT.  Transportation, government, and financial services are my focal verticals outside of ICT.

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The blogpost below was first published on 18 June 2012 on the IBM website at Today’s consumer is empowered like never before.  The continued spread of mobile communications and the rapid rise of social media have become important parts of the buying process.  Consumers are relying more on their social networks than on retail...
22 Jun 2012 Blog post
In last week’s blog, I wrote about the vision of a technology-enabled collaborative government model, in which shared information drives intelligence, policy, and action across bureaucratic boundaries. In an urban context this means an integrated governance strategy that can provide better service to citizens and businesses, and support a more stre...
15 Feb 2012 Blog post
Government is under a lot of pressure: Pressure to deliver services to an aging population, Pressure to control spending, and Pressure to be more relevant and accountable to their citizens. Collaborative Government is a strong thread in the discussion around how government can transform to achieve these things (see for instance, the Mowat...
06 Feb 2012 Blog post

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