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I am a board certified healthcare executive with over 20 years experience in hospital, health system, and managed care operations and C-Suite senior executive positions.

I also have worked in military medicine having commanded U.S. Army field medical assets around the world. I also have worked on the U.S. Army Surgeon General's Staff where I was the global marketing officer for Army Medicine. I also was the officeer in charge of TRICARE implementation for the United States.

I also have senior level experience in healthcare marketing having founded and run healthcare marketing departments in two of the largest ad agency's in the southwest. I have produced and written television, radio, print, out-of-home campaigns that have won national recognition for producing results for health systems.

Most recently I have been working in healthcare policy integrating the effects of healthcare reform legislation and the digital space. Often referred to as Healthcare 2.0 I have examined the efficacy of moving healthcare communications into Web based platforms using mobile applications in Objective C, Android and other tablet API language. I also am very intersted in Web analytics as they pertain to integration with EMR and HIE efforts.

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Roman Legions over 2,000 years ago made provisions for their infantry wounded in battle to be treated and monitored by care givers. At the time, simple observation and palpitation for a heartbeat was the extent of available clinical resources.
Published: May 25 2017 Market Insights
On Wednesday, May 3, 2017 the United States House of Representatives proposed two amendments to the failed AHCA expecting to break the gridlock among Republicans to enable passage of a Republican healthcare bill to repeal and replace the ACA.
Published: May 17 2017 Market Insights
As a Third Generation of Technology Emerges, Where is the Market Headed?
This research traces the history of the first clinical applications for robotic devices and all associated technology required to create a true robotic-assisted surgical device (RASD). The study examines the people (leaders) and entities that became pioneers and founders of the RASD industry vertical. With fundamental original equipment manufacturers (OEM) in place, Frost & Sullivan investigated which companies profited and how they profited. This research service concludes with a presentation of 3 possible scenarios for the development and proliferation of a third generation of RASDs. This study will assist healthcare providers, hospitals, and health systems in assessing how to increase strategically and economically the number of robot-assisted surgeries as a percentage of total facility surgeries. Analysis of the subject matter results in presentation-feasible robot-assisted technology research and development (R&D) over the immediate future, where capitalization is centered, and how RASD OEMs hope to capture market share. Moreover, this study extrapolates the current industry vertical for robot-assisted surgery applications to a broadened value-based reimbursement surgical continuum by examining how robot-assisted surgery fits or does not fit in current Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) pilot studies (Comprehensive Care for Joint Replacement). Lastly, this study positions readers to adapt their current relationship with robot-assisted surgery by better understanding the sustainable business model created by Intuitive Surgical, Inc. (da Vinci®) and how this company has achieved 100% market share for over a decade.
Published: Nov 09 2016 Market Research
Enabling a True Value Based Reimbursement Model
For most Americans, The Patient Protection Affordable Care Act (ACA) remains an enigma. Just six years since its signing and two Supreme Court decisions later, the ACA is still very much misunderstood and maligned. Yet, history has yet to judge the efficacy and long term value the ACA brings to society, if any.
Published: Sep 12 2016 Market Insights
With less than 30 days to make good on his public promise to "fix" the floundering federal Website, Jeffrey Zienst is gaining ground and changing the culture at HHS, CMS, and with the Obama administration. Known for his ability to quickly size up technology and organizational conundrums and find solutions, Zienst is consolidating effort and riding...
12 Nov 2013 Blog post
Anticipation and government hubris has given way to apology and refusal to share enrollment data. Secretary Kathleen Sebelius spent the balance of the summer criss crossing America and testifying on Capitol Hill on the status of the government Website,'s development progress. She insisted, under oath that, "we will be ready on Octobe...
08 Nov 2013 Blog post
Last week I happened to be in Kansas, the state where HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius once served as Governor. I was curious as to how the good folks in Manhattan, Kansas feel about their former chief executive being maligned by the national media and being asked to step down for gross negligence and the failure of the government health insurance m...
04 Nov 2013 Blog post
The House Ways and Means Committee entertained Marilyn Tavenner, the CMS Administrator who works for HHS Secretary, Kathleen Sebelius today on Capitol Hill. More than any other government official, Tavenner must be feelilng the heat from all sides. CMS was given responsibility, ultimately, from Sebelius for the government contract solicitations and...
29 Oct 2013 Blog post
With the appointment last week of Jeffrey Zients to fix the beleagured Website, the Obama adminstration is scrambling for some good news for the Affordable Care Act which was signed into law in March of 2010. The news of Zients taking responsibility came as no surprise as HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius and even the President have be...
28 Oct 2013 Blog post
Embattled HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius got some relief earlier this week when the Obama administration named Jeffrey D. Zients to lead the "tech surge" in Washington in hopes of solving the conundrum. Zients is not a Captiol outsider, on the contrary, he was already in the on-deck circle waiting to take over as chief White House e...
24 Oct 2013 Blog post
Kathleen Sebelius, who is President Obama's Secretary for Health and Human Services (HHS) and point person for transforming healthcare in America by implementing the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is under fire as never before. The pivotal element of implementation for ACA was to be the launch of an online portal where the uninsured to shop for health i...
23 Oct 2013 Blog post
On a beautiful fall morning, with a backdrop of the rose garden, which irionically is usually the exact landscape where the President accepts the resignation of a cabinet member, Barack Obama made his case to the American people to "not give up" on the feds Website ( He admitted failure and even remarked it was "unacceptable" to him...
22 Oct 2013 Blog post
These past 3 weeks have probably made for some interesting days and sleepless nights for the Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS), Kathleen Sebelius. For the better part of the summer Sebelius was on the Hill and traveling around the country defending and guaranteeing that the federal Website ( would be "ready" come the first...
21 Oct 2013 Blog post
Republicans and Democrats, in a surprising bi-partisan request, want to know how the federally run health insurance marketplaces are doing? And patience is waning. With the government back in business and fiscal cliff avoided, albeit momentarily, Congress is sure to call for immediate hearings when the House is back in session next week. The issue...
17 Oct 2013 Blog post
In the hourly give and take between the two houses of Congress as filibusters threaten in the Senate and one political party in the House unravels before the American public, one casualty is almost certain to be recorded, the Patient Protection Affordable Care Act. Signed into law in March of 2010 and then challenged by 26 states before The Supreme...
16 Oct 2013 Blog post
In a surprise move early on in the HIX massive IT effort was made by CMS who declared they would assume project oversight and be responsible for ensuring each individually designed database and software was interoperable, or could talk to each other. This was a surprise to over 55 government contractors who were given elements of the HIX IT puzzle...
15 Oct 2013 Blog post
While Aetna and UnitedHealth Group stay on the sidelines, Blue Cross and Blue Shield have entered the online health insurance marketplace business in full-force. The Blues appear to be offering plans pretty much across the U.S. landscape guaranteeing a bold strategy that seems to be initially paying off despite HHS and CMS health IT and Website stu...
14 Oct 2013 Blog post
As early as March of this year, Henry Chao, the Obama Administration's digital guru ultimately responsible to Kathleen Sebelius at HHS and the President for making the federal "data-hub" do what it was intended to do for over a $400 million dollar investment feared the launch of the federal piece of the online health insurance marketplace or exchan...
13 Oct 2013 Blog post
In just a little over a week HHS officals are commenting that they have "fixed" the most damaging Website glitches and outages. Repairs include increasing server capacity and almost hourly software updates in a rabid attempt to stem the tide of criticism and consumer angst. is the URL that 36 states are using concurrently to enroll n...
10 Oct 2013 Blog post
The New York Times today is reporting, for the first time, comments made by Todd Park, who is the President's go to guy for technology, and has the unenviable task of sorting out the digital conundrum surrounding online health insurance marketplace enrollment shortcomings. Mr. Park expalined, "the failure occurred in the part of the Website (www.he...
08 Oct 2013 Blog post

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