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Functional Expertise

Research and consulting expertise, in fields including building technology, high-tech emerging markets and sustainability. Particular expertise in:
Client relationship management and discreet handling of sensitive information
Strategic analysis and strong problem solving skills
Time sensitive consulting and exploration of new technologies

 Industry Expertise

Expertise across a range of sectors, leveraging long-standing working relationships with leading industry participants’ Senior Executives
Global commercial real estate markets
Supercomputing, data center and auxiliary systems
Facilities Management analysis and Building Automation
Sustainability analysis 

What I bring to the Team

Uncompromising attitude towards performance, with unwaveringly positive outlook.
Dynamic and flexible, with the ability to adapt quickly to new tasks and environments.
Results oriented team-player. 


Masters in Economics from Temple University in Philadelphia, PA, USA

Areas of expertise

Recent items from Pramod Dibble

The Paris climate talks are in progress, with President Obama and 150 other world leaders hashing out their commitments to a sustainable energy future. As this highest-of-high profile meeting occurs, speculations on implications to the global economy come thick and fast, to which I propose to add my two cents. It doesn’t matter what political lead...
04 Dec 2015 Blog post
Another blockbuster merger for the history books; Pfizer and Allergan will combine in the third largest takeover in history, a deal worth ~$160 billion. With combined annual revenue of $64 billion and market leading brands like Botox, Lyrica, and Viagara coming together under the same roof, this seems like a slam dunk. But my advice, to those of yo...
30 Nov 2015 Blog post
                Every other week, some major corporation or government agency seems to be getting hacked. We beat our brows over the loss of personal data, and wail about those dastardly hackers and how could they do such a thing?!; then go log onto Netflix with the password “password”. Because how could I possibly be expected to remember anything...
21 Jan 2015 Blog post
When confronted with marketing of any kind, I find myself becoming increasingly skeptical. The incentive for misrepresenting the truth (i.e. lying) is massive, and repercussions seemingly nonexistent. This is particularly true in scenarios where a product or service has a very pervasive reputation and the provider of that product or service begins...
09 Dec 2014 Blog post
Uber, Airbnb, and a host of other companies have capitalized on a new business model, enabled by our increasingly connected world. Called peer-to-peer (P2P), the sharing economy, or collaborative consumption, this model allows people to sell their own goods and services through an exchange to other individuals, while the hosting company keeps a per...
31 Oct 2014 Blog post
                I’m a nuclear energy nerd. This has been established. So when Lockheed Martin announced a breakthrough in the design of a fusion reactor small enough to fit on the back of an 18-wheeler, I was the most excited person in my office. And amongst my friends. Pretty sure I was obnoxious about it.                 The people who develop a...
21 Oct 2014 Blog post
In the wake of the deadliest outbreak of Ebola in recorded human history, scientists and doctors are scrambling to bring effective quarantine measures into place. After the current wave of this pretty terrifying disease is quelled (assuming it is), our focus will shift from containment and mitigation to a long-term cure. There are several species w...
15 Oct 2014 Blog post
I tried to care about this new iPhone and Apple Watch. I really did. When the first iPod came out, I bought one. When the first all-in-one iMac came out, I bought one. When the first iPhone came out, I went out and, positively dizzy with excitement, I bought one. Now I’m looking at this iPhone 6, and... meh.                 Apple did amazing thing...
22 Sep 2014 Blog post
                Margins in the airline industry are horrible. Truly awful. And that’s not hyperbole; it’s a sober reflection on the facts. Depending on whom you ask airlines’ profit is between 1.0 and 2.6 percent, and that in an industry which relies on owning hundreds of airplanes, costing between $80 million and $390 million depending on size. Th...
18 Sep 2014 Blog post
The role of smart buildings in making buildings more energy-efficient, productive and comfortable
The convergence of information technology (IT) and facilities management (FM) is an inevitable trend. The goal for facilities managers has always been to make buildings more energy-efficient, more productive and more comfortable for tenants and operators.
Published: Sep 09 2014 Market Insights
                It seems that The Home Depot has fallen victim to the same kind of attack that had Target and eBay headlining the news earlier this year. While it is still too early to quantify the breach, estimates suggest that this event is more extensive than the 100 million-customer Target hack, which cost the company upwards of $400 million an...
03 Sep 2014 Blog post
Plane crash caused by overreliance on autopilot
Published: Aug 08 2014 Mega Trends
Strategy and vision
Published: Aug 08 2014 Mega Trends
                I am a nuclear power enthusiast. In fact, if I ever sell an app to Facebook, or find out I’m the long-lost heir apparent of the King of Saudi Arabia, I’m almost certainly going to start a company that makes all kinds of nuclear reactors. Despite the scientific challenges and PR problems associated with nuclear power, I do believe it...
22 Jul 2014 Blog post
                Slow news days seem to be characterized by the blogosphere reaching into its bag of social-injustice-topics and gleefully ranting about whichever it blindly selects. On every fifth iteration or so of this charming cycle, in between politicians breaking the economy and the top ten blah-blah-blah, we get to hear about how the machines...
24 Jun 2014 Blog post
                Harley-Davidson today released that it will produce a full-size, electric motorcycle. This, as the latest development in sustainable technologies, demonstrates that major brands in vehicle manufacturing see EVs as the way of the future, and will begin production to spur demand from their customers. Most 2-wheeled EVs currently in ma...
19 Jun 2014 Blog post
                SolarCity announced today that it has agreed to acquire solar panel manufacturer Silevo, with the intent of constructing a manufacturing plant capable of producing 1 GW of panels per year, one of the largest on the planet. The release continues, indicating that SolarCity intends to build a follow on plant with a minimum of 10 GW of...
17 Jun 2014 Blog post
                Tesla has promised it will not enforce its mountain of electric car patents against anyone producing electric vehicles “in good faith”. This surprise move is consistent with Tesla’s narrative, as well as having definite strategic benefits which position the world’s premier electric vehicle manufacturer very well if other companies t...
13 Jun 2014 Blog post
Big data is the buzzword for data sets too large and complex to be analyzed efficiently using conventional tools. The ability of humans to measure and analyze more and more of our surroundings has created opportunities for control and optimization never before imagined and created markets that serve the new need to understand and use these massive...
10 Jun 2014 Blog post
Merging Physical and Virtual Environments though Connectivity
Advances in network connectivity are changing the world and creating dynamic opportunities in the building environment. Connectivity and Big Data analytics offer insights that building owners and operators can use to create occupancy and energy efficiencies that dramatically improve both bottom and top line concerns. Networking building systems together using interoperable standards and controls will be a major component of the Internet of Things. The research includes a discussion of smart buildings systems market drivers and restraints and offers pricing trends and revenue forecasts through 2018. The base year is 2013.
Published: Jun 10 2014 Market Insights
Don't sell your Amazon stock just yet
The Chinese ecommerce titan, Alibaba, has planned an IPO that is all but guaranteed to be the financial event of the year. Valued at a whopping $168 billion, the sale of a 12% stake is estimated to raise..
Published: May 26 2014 Mega Trends
Flash forward 20, 50, 100 years; whatever it takes for us to get to the Internet of Things. A fully realized integration of the physical environment with a virtual map that tracks, analyzes, predicts, and corrects our environment to optimize and personalize each individual's experience every day. We will take as given the sensing equipment and data storage and analytic capacities to bring this to life.
Published: May 05 2014 Market Insights
The Internet of Things is a digital map of a physical region. It could be a block, a neighborhood, a shopping center, or as grand as an entire city, country, or indeed the whole planet. This digital map relies on a capacity of the infrastructure of that region to gather data.
Published: May 05 2014 Market Insights
Managing the Data Explosion
The data center cooling solutions market is experiencing pivotal change. The explosion of data volume and complexity in the North American market has forced quick decisions and innovative solutions to manage the increased heat densities generated by new server equipment. This study focuses on the active cooling solutions market for data centers in North America. The conclusions formed herein are based on extensive primary research, with rigorous cross-checking and analysis; the study provides predictive forecasts of market evolution for the period 2013–2018. Analysis focuses on market metrics including overall market size and growth rate, market segment sizes and growth rates, competitive analysis, and unit and price analysis.
Published: Jan 30 2014 Market Research
Published: Jan 03 2014 Best Practices
Creating Efficiencies through Economies of Scope
Historically, facility management organizations supplied services in-house with minimal outside support. Now, companies seek to deploy additional resources to increase client value and focus on core competencies. This study covers firms in Canada and the US that offer 2 or more facilities management services under 1 contract. The research includes market drivers and restraints and segmentation by services provided and verticals served. The competitive analysis includes market and sub-market size and growth. The study period is 2009 to 2018, with a base year of 2012. Services provided include hard services (e.g., O&M), soft services (e.g., janitorial, security work), and value-added services (e.g., property management, IT/telecoms support).
Published: Nov 27 2013 Market Research

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