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Proliferation of VoLTE and VoWiFi Technologies is Driving the Market Growth
As voice over long term evolution (VoLTE) and voice over Wi-Fi (VoWiFi) continue to proliferate the world, network operators are challenged by the requirement to offer enhanced quality of service and quality of experience, without increasing their operating expenditures. These issues can be mitigated by adopting solutions to enhance visibility across the network infrastructure and enable the seamless transition from the licensed spectrum to the unlicensed spectrum.
Published: Jul 06 2016 Market Research
Need for Enhanced Network Utilization and Expected Deployment of 5G to Boost Market Growth
As LTE continues to proliferate the world, network operators are challenged by the need to offer an enhanced quality of service and experience without increasing their operating expenditure. These issues can be mitigated by adopting solutions that plan the dimension of the RAN infrastructure with precision. Customer experience can be enhanced through the adoption of traffic management, along with predictive data analytics models. The study discusses the radio access networks (RAN) capacity planning and management market, covering participants that offer standalone testing solutions. The market can be categorized into probe-based RAN capacity planning and optimizing solutions, RAN-specific traffic management solutions, RAN-specific data analytics, and radio frequency (RF)-based RAN capacity planning and optimizing solutions.
Published: Jun 09 2016 Market Research
The Radio Access Network (RAN) capacity management market consists of solutions that enable the end user to allocate his network resource based upon specific
Published: Feb 01 2016 Market Insights
Big Data analytics is that part of data analytics which is used to derive meaningful business insights from vast sources of unstructured data. The data is unstructured, is assimilated from..
Published: Oct 19 2015 Market Insights
Unlike traditional base stations (BTS), centralized radio access networks (CRAN) split the remote radio heads (RRH) from the base band units (BBU). The BBU are at a central point of reference..
Published: Oct 12 2015 Market Insights
The Internet of Things (IoT) is a concept by which information in the physical world can be mapped and assimilated through a myriad of devices. By seamlessly..
Published: Oct 06 2015 Market Insights
Unlike contemporary network infrastructures, self-organizing network (SON) is a technology that provides the infrastructure a higher degree of automation. Developed by the..
Published: Oct 01 2015 Market Insights
Proliferation of SON, LTE, and HetNets to Drive Growth
As LTE deployments continue to increase globally, network utilization and interoperability issues will also go up with the evolving heterogeneous aspect of the overall network infrastructure. In the future, it will not be feasible for operators to use legacy-based solutions to monitor the performance of the many cell sites that constitute the network. Self-Organizing Networks (SONs) will increase the overall utilization of the network by enhancing the degree of automation across the network. The incorporation of the same will require testing solutions with a higher degree of sophistication.
Published: Sep 30 2015 Market Research
Self-Organizing Networks, Cloud-Based Radio Access Networks, and Internet of Things to Drive the Market
Due to the unprecedented rise in digital information, network operators are challenged with finding ways to address network utilization more efficiently. In a bid to curb capital investments and operating expenditures, cloud computing is being adopted at a higher pace than ever before. As software-defined networks (SDN) and network function virtualization (NFV) continue to gain prominence, network operators and network equipment manufacturers require innovative services to test the conformance of their network equipment for Big Data analytics. This research takes an in-depth look at the major trends impacting the Big Data and cloud analytics test services market and offers an overview of the strengths and weaknesses of the major market participants.
Published: Sep 03 2015 Market Research
Published: Aug 17 2015 Market Insights
Frost & Sullivan had the privilege to present key findings on the European Electromagnetic Compatibility testing equipment and test services at the Globespace symposium. The symposium was held at Tel Aviv, Israel, between the 2nd and 3rd of December, 2014, and was attended by a diverse range of EMC specialists. Please take a look at the presentati...
23 Jan 2015 Blog post

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