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Michael Brandenburg is an industry analyst with Frost & Sullivan, covering infrastructure and unified communications and collaboration as part of the Information and Communications Technologies group. Prior to Frost & Sullivan, Michael has covered the enterprise networking space in editoral roles at TechTarget and Network Computing, and as an enterprise networking analyst for the competitive analysis firm Current Analysis. Michael’s early technology background comes includes over 15 years of technology experience, serving in developer, system administrator, and IT management roles.


Competitive analysis, IT support, technology management, and the application of technology to drive business processes.

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Who's Pushing the Envelope
Voice messaging has long been an important component of business communications. However, reliance on voice messaging is declining among business users. This market insight highlights both the opportunities and challenges that exist in the voice messaging market, as well as identifies examples of unified communications suppliers addressing these challenges. It also highlights the evolving voice messaging platforms and their unified communications solutions to meet the needs of new generations of enterprise communications users.
Published: Dec 31 2014 Market Insights
Cloud-style Offerings Accelerate Growth
The VoIP access and SIP trunking market continues its rise as the de-facto communications link from business customers’ premises to service providers’ networks. SIP trunking services will also play heavily in the emerging trend of hybrid cloud communications. The study discusses market drivers, restraints, and trends. It also provides market share analysis and competitor assessment. Finally, the study provides a market forecast in terms of users and revenue. This analysis covers the North American market for the period 2013–2020. The analysis can help service providers, technology vendors, resellers, and other market participants identify growth opportunities and develop more sustainable business strategies.
Published: Sep 26 2014 Market Research
Software Solutions Enable New Sales Models
The way in which people use technology is fundamentally changing and the impact is being felt by providers of enterprise communications solutions. This strategic analysis defines the effect of the consumerization of IT (CoIT) and software-driven unified communications platforms based on the buying habits of businesses. Furthermore, this insight identifies the app store model as an effective approach to address these new trends.
Published: Apr 17 2014 Market Insights
Published: Mar 20 2014 Best Practices
New Offerings and Features Attract Mainstream Customers
The VoIP access and SIP trunking market is entering into a growth stage and is moving closer to becoming the de-facto communications link from business customers’ premises to service providers’ networks. Vendors, service providers, and channel partners can use this analysis to identify growth opportunities and develop sustainable business strategies. The study discusses market drivers, restraints, and trends. It also provides market share analysis and competitor assessment. Finally, the study provides a market forecast in terms of users and revenue. This analysis covers the North American market for the period 2012 to 2019.
Published: Dec 19 2013 Market Research
Published: Dec 18 2013 Best Practices
Published: Nov 29 2013 Best Practices
SIP, Virtualization, and the Cloud Enable New Paradigms in Disaster Response and Readiness
Migration from traditional TDM PBXs to IP-based unified communications platforms represents a significant shift in the communications network architecture. As organizations embrace this next generation of communications platforms, however, a reassessment of existing disaster recovery and business continuity (DR/BC) plans must also be undertaken. Compared to legacy solutions, the technologies in a modern UC environment offer a more resilient and flexible infrastructure, but require a different approach to recovery.
Published: Nov 22 2013 Market Insights
Two Strong Segments Form an Intertwined Market Opportunity
This strategic analysis is part of Frost & Sullivan’s continued coverage of the enterprise communications marketplace. In this study, Frost & Sullivan identifies industry challenges, market drivers, and market restraints. Further, it provides an in-depth perspective on competitive issues, revenue, market shares, and key market trends in the mature enterprise media gateway and the nascent enterprise session border controller markets. This research service provides unified communications infrastructure vendors with market information and strategic insight to assist them in developing sustainable business strategies.
Published: Oct 30 2013 Market Research
October 15th was the day that Siemens Enterprise Communications retired and Unify was unleashed. The name “Unify” conveys the mission of the company to truly unify communications and collaboration among enterprise users. In a time where tech companies make up words and use mixed capitalizations in their logos with sheer abandon, it is actually refr...
16 Oct 2013 Blog post
“Kids these days, they would rather text than talk on their phones.” As a member of Generation X, I can attest that this sentiment is becoming our generation’s equivalent to “Get off my lawn”. Nonetheless, it’s clear that the rules of personal and business communications are changing. We’ve all seen the stories that have been written about the Mil...
15 Oct 2013 Blog post
After talking to the folks at Sonus about today’s announcement of their SBC SWe (Software edition), I couldn’t help but see that session border controllers are following the same historical path as other technologies that lived on dedicated hardware. Session border controllers, like PBXs and application delivery controllers before them, are example...
09 Oct 2013 Blog post
Will Unified Communications Become the Killer App for Software-Defined Campus Networks?
Software-defined networking (SDN) represents a significant shift in network architecture and administrator, and brings the hope of a network truly friendly to bandwidth-intensive unified communications and collaboration (UC&C) applications. This market insight will discuss the benefits, challenges, and market opportunities for extending SDN technologies to the access layer or campus network in support of increasingly dynamic UC&C applications.
Published: Sep 18 2013 Market Insights
I had the opportunity to spend a couple of days with the folks from Siemens Enterprise Communications as part of their Analyst Summit. The two day event focused on both where Siemens is today, as well as throwing back the curtain a bit on their vision for the future of enterprise communications. An initiative code named “Project Ansible” was ultim...
20 Jun 2013 Blog post
In my research around the convergence of social media and Big Data techniques that defines social media analytics, I initially deemed this notion of social media data mining both “amazing and frightening”. The amount and types of actionable information that could be divined from social media are actually quite staggering and can serve more than ju...
15 Feb 2013 Blog post
If there was one general theme that presided over my recent research on the voice and unified messaging market, it was that while voicemail usage has been fading over the years, there is still a requirement by most businesses to have a voicemail box associated with every user. In trying to understand the decline, conventional wisdom suggests that o...
06 Feb 2013 Blog post
I have heard this statement made in one form or another by countless traditionally hardware-focused technology vendors over the years, most recently by the players in the unified communications market. It is a simple statement to make, but represents a significant challenge. The migration to a software-based existence has far reaching implications...
18 Oct 2012 Blog post
Sometimes it takes a fire hose event like a trade show to remind those of us that follow the UC&C space where all of these wonderful productivity tools (VoIP, video and web conferencing) live: the enterprise network. All of those rich media streams of audio, video, and data content ride along the same network that carries everything else that keeps...
17 May 2012 Blog post
In a recent conversation with Alcatel-Lucent about their new OpenTouch Conversation app for the iPad, a simple comment was made in passing that has stuck with me for the last several days. The suggestion was made that the iPad was the right platform for their application, providing a “consumer-quality user experience, rather than the typical enterp...
29 Mar 2012 Blog post

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