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I am Frost & Sullivan Industry Analyst and work on network security market speciality in South Korean market.

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Globally, security remains a major concern for IT markets today as consumers use multiple devices to connect to the Internet for both personal and professional purposes. The Internet of Things or IoT refers to the digital connectivity of devices, object and environment to the Internet. For 2017, numerous IoT-enabled devices have been developed and...
10 May 2017 Blog post
Reducing Costs and Increasing Business Efficiency and Productivity are Key Solution Drivers
The Asia-Pacific WAN optimization controller market stagnated in H1 2012, registering a mere year-over-year growth. Even though most Asia-Pacific markets hit mature levels of adoption, demand for the technology was lukewarm compared to application delivery controller. The lack of market buzz in this space may be a reason why the market faced a decline during the study period. Nonetheless, with Asia-Pacific considered a region of growth against the backdrop of faltering US and European economies, a number of enterprises in the United States and Europe may shift their operations towards this region that gives some ray of hope for the WAN optimization controller market.
Published: Oct 17 2013 Tracker
Enterprise Mobility and Bring your Own Device Enhance Technology
The Asia-Pacific WAN optimization market registered modest growth in 2012. The market experienced a sluggish start, which left many vendors questioning the future of the WAN optimization controller market. With the prevalence of the Internet and Internet-based applications, the traditional WAN design was transformed, with the Internet often considered the new WAN. These changes prompted many key WAN optimizationn controller vendors to extend their portfolios or incorporate complementary capabilities into the platform. WAN optimization, therefore, is crucial for the success of business applications to deliver proper application capabilities across multiple locations or topologies.
Published: Sep 24 2013 Tracker
Cloud Computing Takes the Application Delivery Controller Market to the Next Level
The Asia-Pacific application delivery controller market experienced a healthy growth in 2012. With the explosion of mobile devices and growing acceptance towards the bring your own device and applications trend in the enterprise environment, IT is required to handle massive data and a diversity of applications on the networks. With growing concerns and emphasis on user experiences among enterprises, the adoption of application delivery controllers continued to progress at a healthy rate in 2012. With the drive towards cloud computing in the Asia-Pacific region, enterprises recognized the value that application delivery controllers were able to bring to cloud setups.
Published: Sep 18 2013 Tracker
Sophisticated Threats, the Advent of Cloud Computing, and the Bring Your Own Device Trend Stimulated Security Spending
The overall Asia-Pacific network security market maintained its growth momentum in Q3 2012. Growing concerns surrounding the sophisticated threat landscape, especially with the advent of cloud computing and the bring your own device trend, helped to stimulate security spending. The greater integration between technology and business processes also heightened the need for enterprises to provide adequate protection for their setup, especially with more processes being migrated over to the Internet. As a result of cloud computing and bring your own device, the growing importance of security drove spending in the network security market in Q3 2012.
Published: Sep 11 2013 Tracker
Increased Severity and Number of Threats Against Networks, Applications, and Data Will Stimulate Spending on Network Security
The overall Asia-Pacific network security market recorded a healthy growth in 2012. The majority of markets in the region experienced positive growth in 2012, particularly in Indonesia, Japan, and the Philippines. In contrast, markets such as New Zealand and Vietnam experienced a sluggish performance in 2012. An increase in the severity and the number of threats attacking networks, applications, and data occured in 2012. In Japan, the second largest security market in Asia-Pacific, experienced a numerous attacks in 2012, particularly in the government vertical. As such, many enterprises in the region committed their spending in the network security market in 2012.
Published: Aug 23 2013 Tracker
Use of Enterprise Cloud Computing and Virtualization to Handle Massive Volume Data Drives High-performance Security Solutions
This research service looks at the Asia-Pacific network security market, which had a sluggish quarter, a typical occurrence at the start of the year. The market faced a decline from the previous quarter, but positive growth occurred year over year in Q1 2012. The demand for security technologies generally remained strong. One factor that contributed to this demand is the emergence of cloud computing and virtualization in the enterprise environment, which heightened concerns about the growing threat of network exposure.
Published: Feb 06 2013 Market Research
Importance for Investment in IT Security Arena in Global Business Environment
The Asia-Pacific (APAC) network security market registered a positive year-on-year (YoY) growth rate in Q2 2011, as spending sentiments continued to improve compared to 2010. Because of the increase of supplicated cyber attacks in APAC countries, network security investment is expected to grow healthily. Due to an increasing trend in technology convergence across the APAC region, the integrated security appliance segment was leading the overall network security market in Q2 2011. Price competition was growing among network security vendors due to enterprises getting a high concentration of initial investment cost in the current global economic situation.
Published: Dec 31 2012 Emerging Market
Anticipating Growth of Bandwidth Availability, Elevating the Importance of WOC
The APAC WAN Optimization Controller (WOC) market witnessed good growth in 2011, as WOC demand remained strong among enterprises. Nonetheless, market growth was somewhat dampened by global economic uncertainties, which caused enterprises to be prudent and cautious towards IT spending. In many ways, the growing issues faced by WANs around application latency and network congestion justified the need for WOC adoption. This was further emphasized by the need for enterprises to deliver more equitable levels of network performance across WANs as they expanded rapidly in size and across borders.
Published: Dec 13 2012 Tracker
Rising Incidence of Cyber Attacks and Increasing Threat Exposure Enhancing Existing Security Posture
The APAC network security market grew at a healthy rate in 2011, as spending sentiments improved in contrast to the market sluggishness shown in 2010. There was increasing enterprise concern towards the rising incidence of cyber attacks. Moreover, the proliferation of mobile devices in the workplace increased the threat exposure faced by corporate networks. As a result, APAC enterprises were keen to enhance their existing security posture, with many deploying layered defenses, as well as adopting IPS as a necessary complement to their legacy firewall setup.
Published: Dec 11 2012 Tracker
Rising Popularity of Cloud Services Accelerating Adoption of ADCs
APAC application delivery controller (ADC) market growth slowed in 2011 compared with the previous year, as spending sentiments among enterprises weakened in the face of growing uncertainties on the global economic front. Understanding towards the value proposition of an ADC continued to mature among APAC enterprises, with more recognizing the multi-faceted capabilities that were being offered on the ADC platform of today. Enterprise requirements were also observed to be moving away from pure server load balancing needs to ones that encompassed both application acceleration and security.
Published: Nov 16 2012 Tracker

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