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Principal Analyst
Information & Communication Technologies


I am based in metro-Atlanta, GA, U.S.A. and have been involved in some facet of telecommunications industry for 20 years.

A primary focus of my research is to uncover how next-gen technology is enabling new ways of working, how professionals will collaboration using these tools and what the future work environment will look like.

Functional Expertise

Twelve+ years of experience in enterprise communications markets. Particular expertise in:
-Competitive and market intelligence
-Market trend analysis and forecasting
-Solutions development, marketing, sales and service support strategies

Industry Expertise

Experience base covering a broad range of sectors, leveraging long-standing working relationships with leading industry participants’ Senior Executives. Areas of focus include:

-Unified Communications and collaboration solutions
-Next generation communications architectures
-Enterprise fixed-mobile convergence
-Emerging Enterprise 2.0 and social media technologies

What I bring to the Team

Extensive knowledge of communications technologies and markets
Detail oriented researcher able to utilize a broad set of qualitative and quantitative resources to produce comprehensive, in-depth analyses
Capable of managing complex projects and workloads with strong organizational and teamwork skills
Interpersonal skills to forge, foster and grow client and end-user relationships for mutually beneficial results

Career Highlights

Joined Frost & Sullivan in 2010 as Senior Analyst; promoted to Program Manager in 2012; promoted to Principal Analyst in 2013.
Prior to Frost & Sullivan, spent eight years producing communications market competitive intelligence research for Current Analysis, Inc
Served several years in MCI/WorldCom operations supporting US national communications systems resale and managed services division
Held numerous roles within contact centers in the healthcare and retail sectors


B.A. from State University of New York at Albany, USA

Areas of expertise

Recent items from Rob Arnold

Published: Nov 14 2014 Best Practices
Published: Apr 26 2014 Best Practices
Published: Mar 06 2014 Best Practices
Increasing Awareness and Improving Value Propositions are Driving Adoption
Adoption of enterprise social networking is not as nascent as many casual observers of the market would perceive. Adoption is already widespread, with market share highly concentrated among the top five providers. To the benefit of enterprise customers, providers are adding value to their solutions in order to compete better, including bundling and integration with business software and infrastructure, deployment options, customization capabilities, low-cost or free subscriptions, high-touch service support, and depth of features. As more value is added, enterprise social networking is ever-more capable of truly transforming how collaboration takes place within business work flows.
Published: Jan 13 2014 Market Research
Published: Nov 14 2013 Best Practices
Transformational Force or a Market Byproduct
Microsoft’s portfolio development and strategic direction have been in line with the greater momentum in the evolution of the enterprise communications industry. More important, the company has driven certain key aspects of this evolutionary process. This report evaluates the current competitive position of Microsoft Lync and discusses where Lync-based solutions will stand in coming years. The study also assesses the impact of Microsoft Lync on channel and technology partners and competitors.
Published: Oct 30 2013 Market Insights
In the months since InfoComm this past May, startup cloud video conferencing infrastructure provider Pexip has quickly established a market presence. The privately funded company was founded in 2012 by ex-Tandberg staff, including execs, programmers, sales, marketing and other personnel. It was at InfoComm that Pexip had its coming out party. The...
28 Oct 2013 Blog post
Integration with Existing Business Tools and Processes is Key to Success
Frost & Sullivan contends that the chances for successful social software deployment are multipled when it is integrated with existing workflows, processes and business applications that employees already use on a routine basis. This research article explores several case studies in which such integration, and the associated benefits, significantly influenced customer purchase and deployment decisions for enterprise social networking solutions, and the success of their efforts.
Published: Jun 04 2013 Market Insights
In my job I attend a number of Web conferences each week with different groups of people and using a variety of different conferencing platforms. Quite often valuable time is wasted as the organizer, host or presenter is disorganized or struggles to invoke the appropriate features at the right time.  According to a recent Frost & Sullivan decision...
03 May 2013 Blog post
An In-depth Look at Strategies and Available Virtual UC Server Solutions from Leading Vendors
The cloud computing movement has quickly spread to the realm of real-time communications software. As key component of cloud architectures, leading vendors have embraced server virtualization in order to unlock the operational benefits and reduce hardware requirements. There are many virtual UC solutions available today. This research report will dicuss the advantages and challenges of UC server virtualization, and provide and overview of the differing approaches and available solutions from leading vendors.
Published: Apr 04 2013 Market Insights
Q4 and Full Year 2012 Analysis
Video conferencing vendors worked their way through a difficult 2012 in which overall market revenues declined follwing a strong 2011. The ongoing disruption due to a shift to lower-priced endpoints and mobile devices as well as lower-cost software-based solutions will continue to impact the top line. The move toward a software and services approach is here to stay and will impact overall product revenues. We expect low growth rates in the near term while new solutions and business model mature.
Published: Mar 28 2013 Market Insights
Disruptive New Competitors and Business Models Drive Growth
The software-based desktop video conferencing market is experiencing significant changes. New technologies and business models are lowering the barriers to entry for providers and to adoption for customers. Improvements to quality, ease of use and interoperability are driving utilization rates which make desktop video conferencing a more integral part of the business user's communications tool set. With steady growth expected, opportunity abounds in this fast emerging space for service providers and vendors that can differentiate and execute.
Published: Mar 08 2013 Market Insights
This week Microsoft held Lync Conference 2013, its first ever conference dedicated to Lync. It was a forum for Microsoft to showcase Lync successes to date and to lay out some future initiatives. Already a lot has been Tweeted and blogged about the event. Because my 18-month old daughter has me thinking from new perspectives, I decided to blog my...
25 Feb 2013 Blog post
The virtualization hype-cycle in enterprise UCC markets is nearing a climax. In the realm of UCC, the use of virtualization technologies aims to reduce the costs associated with hardware and to unlock operational efficiencies enabled by the centralized command, control and resource optimization of cloud computing.   From a high-level, server virt...
15 Feb 2013 Blog post
Microsoft has been in the tech industry news a lot lately as it reinvigorates its play in the mobile device market. There is no doubt that competition is good. Competition keeps the top vendors honest, keeps prices in check and keeps innovation moving forward. Apple dominates both the smartphone and tablet markets. Android devices are now the sec...
21 Dec 2012 Blog post
Today I attended a Polycom Experience Event, which took place at the company’s Atlanta executive briefing center. The event was organized to provide customers and partners details about the many product and service advancements Polycom made in October. Approximately 300 people joined, including those at a dozen Polycom sites, from the US and Canada...
11 Dec 2012 Blog post
Last week, I headed to Orlando to attend ShoreTel’s annual partner conference. I have not missed a ShoreTel Champion Partner Conference since the company began inviting analysts several years ago. These meetings are a great chance to spend a couple of days fully immersed in everything ShoreTel, with excellent access to ShoreTel executives, employee...
13 Nov 2012 Blog post
On October 8th a select group of industry and financial analysts spent the morning at NASDAQ in New York City’s Times Square, where Polycom CEO Andy Miller rang the bell to open NASDAQ trading. The ring of the bell launched Polycom Strategy Day. Leading up to the event Polycom generated a lot of buzz in the UC&C industry by teasing the market with...
10 Oct 2012 Blog post
As a Unified Communications (UC) Industry Analyst and full-time teleworker, I don’t know how I let National Telework Week slip by last month without blogging about it. Maybe it’s because 2012 was merely the second year that National Telework Week was observed. But most likely it’s because teleworking is a routine practice for me. Still, teleworking...
24 Apr 2012 Blog post
  Now that Enterprise Connect has come and gone, I’m comparing notes with other attendees and fielding inquiries from colleagues and clients alike about my thoughts on the UC market’s biggest showcase event. A couple of years ago, the then-called VoiceCon event was aptly renamed Enterprise Connect as it became obvious that the enterprise communica...
30 Mar 2012 Blog post
Just before the turn of the New Year my colleague Roopam Jain (@Roopamjain) and I published a research report forecasting the adoption of software-based desktop videoconferencing among enterprise users. Login to read it here: Global Desktop Videoconferencing Market. For the purposes of this report, Frost & Sullivan defines desktop videoconferencin...
08 Mar 2012 Blog post
Avaya announced this week the global availability of Flare Communicator for iPad. The solution makes the Avaya Flare software experience (Avaya Aura UC&C applications) available from iPad. In addition to the Avaya Desktop Video Device (ADVD), iPad is now the second endpoint with such capabilities in Avaya’s lineup. Avaya Flare Communicator is avail...
27 Jan 2012 Blog post
The answer is… not exactly. IBM has announced no plans to discontinue any of its current UC products or to end any of its partnerships with other UC providers. That said, the company is now devoting greater emphasis and resources toward other opportunities in the enterprise communications market. Since the early days of UC in the mid-2000’s IBM ha...
20 Jan 2012 Blog post
We recently wrapped up a Market Insight on next-generation UC architectures. The study specifically focuses on enterprise session management solutions. Please watch for it to be published in coming weeks. For purposes of the study Frost & Sullivan defines session management solutions, or architectures, as those that incorporate premises-based SIP...
29 Aug 2011 Blog post
The concept of "social" is everywhere in consumer markets and after social networking gained immense popularity there social tools have leapt into the enterprise.  There's a lot of confusion in the market about the difference between social media and social business, which is far from synonymous. A social business strategy can employ social media...
02 Aug 2011 Blog post
By Rob Arnold and Roopam Jain Developed under codename “Rally”, the CX7000 Unified Collaboration System will help to round out the group collaboration offerings within Polycom’s portfolio of CX endpoints optimized for Microsoft Lync, which already includes the CX5000 Unified Conference Station with 360 deg...
18 Jul 2011 Blog post

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