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Global Program Director
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Information & Communication Technologies


Functional Expertise

  • Research analyst, writer, digital marketer, product manager, and executive has helped organizations generate hundreds of millions of dollars of revenue, M&A, and investment capital
  • Has conceived, designed, named, and launched 20 products and companies including Stratecast
  • 70+ personal branded online venues and thousands of Google, Bing, and Yahoo! search results

Industry Expertise

  • Big Data, analytics, and business intelligence (BI) incorporating these component areas:
    - Big Data core: platforms, applications, systems, and services
    - Online/digital analytics and marketing including site, social, mobile, and video
    - Customer experience management (CEM): application performance monitoring (APM), customer service assurance (CSA), quality of experience (QoE), and customer experience analytics (CEA), and social network analysis (SNA); key area of focus: Video QoE
    - Mobile commerce management (MCM), a category Jeff defined that includes mobile marketing, advertising, and commerce infrastructure, ecosystems, and solutions
  • Operations/business support systems (OSS/BSS)
  • Cloud
  • Enterprise IT network/systems management

Career Highlights

  • Research Director at global research & consulting firm Gartner (NYSE: IT): built and led world’s first major OSS/BSS/SI research & consulting service at Gartner
  • Director Strategic Marketing at ADC Telecommunications (now TE Connectivity):
    - Helped
    put $10M OSS vendor CommTech on the map and led to $185.5M acquisition by ADC
    - Launched
    FastFlow ASP™: market’s first ASP-hosted telecom software; forerunner of Cloud


  • Master of Business Administration: University of Maryland | University College
  • Bachelor of Arts, Communications, double minor Marketing/Journalism: Auburn University
  • Accredited BingAds Professional
  • Member Demystified’s Analysis Exchange
  • Cloud University Certified Professional: Rackspace
  • Radio Telecommunications: Federal Communications Commission (FCC)


+1 760 643 0921 Skype: jeffcotrupe
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Areas of expertise

Recent items from Jeff Cotrupe

While organizations are conceptually ready to reap the benefits of Big Data, moving from their current state of data-not-quite-readiness to a Big Data-driven future requires tackling three challenges: one structural, one temporal, and one about reliable data. This Stratecast report briefly analyzes these challenges and the viability of a solution designed to overcome all three.
Published: Apr 11 2014 Stratecast
This report analyzes privacy issues surrounding the NSA, how they appear similar to those found in other sectors, and how lessons learned in one area may potentially benefit, or at least inform, other areas in pursuit of an equitable balance between the need to know and the right to privacy.
Published: Apr 08 2014 Stratecast
This Stratecast report analyzes the challenges that OTT places on CSPs, and how Big Data is helping CSPs to meet those challenges.
Published: Mar 05 2014 Stratecast
This Stratecast SPIE report analyzes an analytics-driven shopper engagement approach that gets away from the notion of installing a secretive data collection “dragnet” in a retail location; and, instead, engages customers 24/7, with shopper approval upfront—including when they are at or near a retail location.
Published: Feb 07 2014 Stratecast
This week’s SPIE report analyzes another example of how regional and even local businesses, as well as national corporations, are finding a cost-effective way to access Big Data in support of day-to-day business needs and decision making. The report also analyzes the potential pitfalls of such an approach; and what businesses and providers alike need to be considering as they move forward on these initiatives.
Published: Dec 20 2013 Stratecast
This report is designed to benefit a wide range of readers, including: Every retail or e-tail organization, and individual retailers of all types and sizes; Every brand that sells through either the retail or e-tail channels; Every brand that utilizes mobile technologies for sales and retention activity; Every company that plays a role, or could, in equipping retailers to better compete
Published: Nov 22 2013 Stratecast
This Stratecast report analyzes how integration needs to happen across enterprises and CSPs, to keep all of that data flowing; spotlights issues and challenges hampering market growth; presents market size, forecast, and shares; and recommends strategies to help providers survive the coming consolidation.
Published: Nov 08 2013 Stratecast
This report analyzes an innovative approach to enterprise search that parallels one of the highest values attainable by harnessing Big Data: not analyzing part of the data and summarizing the rest, as is done in traditional BI platforms, but analyzing all of the data and presenting only that which is most relevant to the user. In this instance, artificial intelligence adds an interesting twist that has the potential to revolutionize the most important aspect of Big Data: how companies use it.
Published: Oct 18 2013 Stratecast
This Stratecast report focuses on why companies must embrace the integration and convergence of data intelligence tools with marketing automation systems. The report also examines how marketing automation vendors and their customers are integrating digital intelligence today.
Published: Sep 06 2013 Stratecast
This analysis provides background and fundamentals of Big Data and content management. In addition, Stratecast shares its perspectives on the integration and convergence of data intelligence tools—Big Data management and analytics—with content management systems (CMSs). We also examine how CMSs use digital intelligence tools, and how each market complements and benefits the other.
Published: Sep 05 2013 Stratecast

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