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Global Program Director
Stratecast | Frost & Sullivan
Information & Communication Technologies


Functional Expertise

  • Helps companies achieve their goals and dreams through competitive intelligence, business development, sales, and product marketing & management
  • Has conceived, designed, named, and launched 20 products and companies including Stratecast
  • 50+ personal branded Web venues; thousands of Google, Bing, and Yahoo! search results

Industry Expertise

Big Data, analytics, and business intelligence (BI) incorporating these component areas:

  • Big Data & Analytics Core Products and Services
  • Business Process and Strategic Analytics
  • Customer Experience, Marketing, and Sales Analytics
  • Mobile, Retail, and Location Analytics
  • Social and Site Analytics

Operations/business support systems (OSS/BSS); Cloud; enterprise IT management

Career Highlights

  • Research Director at global research & consulting firm Gartner (NYSE: IT): built  and led at that time world’s #1 OSS/BSS/SI research & consulting service
  • Director Strategic Marketing at ADC Telecommunications (now TE Connectivity):
    - Helped put $10M OSS vendor CommTech on map; led to $185.5M acquisition by ADC
    - Launched FastFlow ASP™: first ASP-hosted telecom software and forerunner of Cloud


  • Master of Business Administration: University of Maryland University College (UMUC)
  • Bachelor of Arts, Communications, double minor Marketing/Journalism: Auburn University
  • Cloud University Certified Professional: Rackspace
  • Member Demystified’s Analysis Exchange
  • Radio Telecommunications: Federal Communications Commission (FCC)
  • Advertising Agency Management: Young & Rubicam | Accredited BingAds Professional


+1 760 643 0921 Skype: jeffcotrupe
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Areas of expertise

Recent items from Jeff Cotrupe

This Stratecast SPIE report analyzes how the evolution of newsfeed media such as Facebook, and the industry thought leadership of the Media Rating Council, are shaping how advertisers view the effectiveness of the advertising they place not only on Facebook but across all digital venues.
Published: Apr 03 2015 Stratecast
This Stratecast report will analyze: · The things customers want from their interactions with companies today. · The things companies are seeking from those interactions, and the systems that enable and enhance interactions. · The role of omni-channel communications in optimizing the customer experience. · The role of technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning in creating a winning scenario for both customers and providers. The report will then discuss a solution that uses AI and machine learning to provide better solutions for providers, and an optimized experience for customers.
Published: Mar 26 2015 Stratecast
This Stratecast report analyzes the challenges of today’s expanding threat landscape, and how Big Data-powered machine learning can help meet those challenges.
Published: Feb 20 2015 Stratecast
This Stratecast report analyzes MRLA in context with other activities that occur every day on a national and global scale - activities in the private and public sectors that Stratecast believes have a far greater impact on privacy than MRLA. The report analyzes steps the industry has taken to address consumer privacy; as well as solutions and providers that allow retailer survival and consumer privacy to coexist.
Published: Dec 31 2014 Stratecast
WOW. What happens in Vegas: I’m writing about it, and analyzing it. Ok, before anyone goes scrambling for legal counsel and/or relationship counsel-ing, what I’m analyzing is Sitecore Symposium 2014 in Las Vegas: a slickly-produced conference with, I’m guessing, judging by the chock-full keynote hall, +/- 2,000 attendees. The event featured multi...
27 Oct 2014 Blog post
This Stratecast report will explore some troubling impacts of the failure of financial services organizations to achieve effective data governance; and will provide insights on technologies and business approaches that can help them change their fortunes by harnessing the power of Big Data.
Published: Oct 24 2014 Stratecast
This report provides analysis and guidance about the benefits of adopting a real-time analytics strategy, and the essential components to execute on such a strategy.
Published: Sep 11 2014 Stratecast
This Stratecast SPIE report outlines specific CSP areas of need that Big Data is best equipped to address, and analyzes examples of how CSPs are beginning to reap the benefits of an integrated Big Data and analytics strategy.
Published: Aug 22 2014 Stratecast
Brands are seeing users consume mobile content in record numbers, so why are those same brands not spending more to reach mobile users? The major reason cited by brands and agencies is the difficulty in quantifying the results of mobile advertising. This Stratecast SPIE report analyzes where a time-honored advertising benchmark falls short; and how leveraging Big Data to gain a more granular, accurate view of the impact of advertising is helping brands make mobile advertising pay off.
Published: Jun 27 2014 Stratecast
Does mobile advertising work? The fate of an industry that currently generates billions of dollars in revenue depends on the answer to that question. This report provides some answers, and continues Stratecast’s analysis of an expanding area of the Big Data and analytics market: mobile, retail, and location analytics.
Published: Jun 12 2014 Stratecast
Stratecast built its first-ever estimate of the size and growth of the global market for Big Data, analytics and BI solutions organically by triangulating data on contributory markets with the best available data from both users and providers of these solutions.
Published: Apr 16 2014 Stratecast

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