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Global Program Director
Stratecast | Frost & Sullivan
Information & Communication Technologies


Functional Expertise

  • Helps companies achieve their goals and dreams through competitive intelligence, business development, sales, and product marketing & management
  • Has conceived, designed, named, and launched 20 products and companies including Stratecast
  • 50+ personal branded Web venues; thousands of Google, Bing, and Yahoo! search results

Industry Expertise

Big Data, analytics, and business intelligence (BI) incorporating these component areas:

  • Big Data & Analytics Core Products and Services
  • Business Process and Strategic Analytics
  • Customer Experience, Marketing, and Sales Analytics
  • Mobile, Retail, and Location Analytics
  • Social and Site Analytics

Operations/business support systems (OSS/BSS); Cloud; enterprise IT management

Career Highlights

  • Research Director at global research & consulting firm Gartner (NYSE: IT): built  and led at that time world’s #1 OSS/BSS/SI research & consulting service
  • Director Strategic Marketing at ADC Telecommunications (now TE Connectivity):
    - Helped put $10M OSS vendor CommTech on map; led to $185.5M acquisition by ADC
    - Launched FastFlow ASP™: first ASP-hosted telecom software and forerunner of Cloud


  • Master of Business Administration: University of Maryland University College (UMUC)
  • Bachelor of Arts, Communications, double minor Marketing/Journalism: Auburn University
  • Cloud University Certified Professional: Rackspace
  • Member Demystified’s Analysis Exchange
  • Radio Telecommunications: Federal Communications Commission (FCC)
  • Advertising Agency Management: Young & Rubicam | Accredited BingAds Professional


+1 760 643 0921 Skype: jeffcotrupe
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Areas of expertise

Recent items from Jeff Cotrupe

The data management industry has made rapid advancements in storing massive amounts of data—but if it does not also give users the ability to perform data preparation at scale, the analytic insights their organizations are thirsting for will fail to materialize. What organizations need is to equip their business users with self-service data preparation that eases and accelerates their pursuit of analytic insights. This report discusses an approach that does so.
Published: May 04 2018 Stratecast
Everyone wants analytic insights to make smarter, faster decisions. But before we reap the benefits of analytics, we must first sow good data. Separating the wheat from the chaff requires effective data preparation: ETL and data mashups, data wrangling, data blending—however you say it or brand it. We assert that, partly as a result of the mountains of data bearing down on companies—and partly due to the methods companies are currently using—data science and IT are spending up to 80% of their time on data preparation, before they ever get to analyze it and obtain the analytic insights their organizations crave. This Stratecast content analyzes data issues companies are facing; how the explosion of new data sources is adding to the challenges; barriers to adoption of data preparation; and a blueprint for data preparation.
Published: Apr 03 2018 Stratecast
This report discusses the primary benefits of NoSQL; barriers to adoption of NoSQL; the ready availability of NoSQL solutions, as exemplified by some of the top providers thereof; and competitive dynamics at work in the space. The report then makes specific recommendations for enterprises and vendors deploying NoSQL.
Published: Mar 15 2018 Stratecast
This report is the second in a two-part series on NoSQL databases to provide a fuller view of the wide range of options available to those who (wisely) wish to deploy these technologies. The companion report in this two-report series deals with the issues surrounding NoSQL DBs versus existing relational DBs; competitive issues among NoSQL providers; and more. This one is focused on serving as a useful guide, complete with links to virtually every relevant NoSQL solution: · For enterprises, to identify the many flavors of NoSQL available to them as they seek to deploy solutions. · For NoSQL and other big data and analytics (BDA) providers, to drive understanding of specific competitive technologies and providers.
Published: Mar 15 2018 Stratecast
Many companies seeking to optimize cost in their support operations “offshored” their helpdesks over the past decade. Yet, the backlash over poor customer experiences, many rooted in language barriers, has caused many firms to bring their support operations back “onshore,” with native English speakers manning the phones. This still, however, does not address the cost and quality challenges associated with human operators that created the desire for offshoring helpdesks in the first place. Chatbots can help address these challenges, and many more—but only if companies can overcome serious chatbot development challenges. Surmounting these challenges is imperative if chatbots are to provide fully informed, rapidly executed, truly human-like interactions with, well, humans. This SPIE report introduces an innovative application of big data to help companies build better bots—an innovation that is available for free. We like free; and so does the market, in nearly all cases. Following is our analysis of this development, and its implications on bots and big data.
Published: Feb 16 2018 Stratecast
Since developments at Tableau have the potential to be market-making and economy-shaking, Stratecast sought to better understand current and upcoming developments at Tableau by attending the company’s recent annual global conference in October 2017 in Las Vegas. This is not, however, a typical show recap report in terms of either timing or content. We assert that the things Tableau announced in Las Vegas will impact the company and the market at large for years to come; and are best understood in the context of where Tableau has been, and where it is headed. This report explores this context, and analyzes the opportunities and challenges this will pose to Tableau and the broader market going forward.
Published: Dec 31 2017 Stratecast
The lack of consensus with regard to real-time analytics technologies is creating a barrier to entry for those who wish to deploy it. This report is designed to be meaningful and useful for anyone engaged in exploring, selecting, specifying, deploying, and managing solutions to provide organizations with real-time analytic insights. The report discusses the Apache open source technologies that form the foundation of many real-time analytics deployments today; analyzes the strategies of some of the companies we consider the leading providers in this space; and offers recommendations on how buyers should proceed.
Published: Dec 14 2017 Stratecast
In the Big Data and Analytics (BDA) market, even the largest players in the space, some of which in recent years have spent billions of dollars acquiring smaller BDA players in order to fill out their portfolios, have yet to introduce a unified platform to meet the data management needs of a broad swath of the market. As a result, paralysis by overanalysis keeps many organizations from making intelligent data choices. What enterprises need is a unifying platform to manage all data for all purposes, under one roof—one with self-service capabilities to put analytic insights at the fingertips of every employee. This report seeks to simplify understanding of the Big Data and Analytics space; introduces the possibility that one of these 400 or so providers could enable companies to cover all of their most pressing data needs in a single, unified solution; discusses the class of providers from which we believe such a solution could emerge; and analyzes how one of them appears to be building just such a solution.
Published: Dec 01 2017 Stratecast
Privacy regulations can shut down most of the benefits of big data, leaving organizations ill-equipped to compete in the global economy. Nowhere is that more true than in the EU. The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), intended to protect the privacy of EU citizens, threatens the viability of business initiatives in the region—all of which depend on data. This SPIE completes our current four-part analysis of privacy. The report briefly touches on conditions and factors posing threats to privacy; then, moves into the main thrust of the piece: analyzing each recommendation outlined in our Privacy Blueprint. Key Highlights: --An Array of Privacy Threats Could Shut Down Big Data --A Privacy Blueprint: What All Parties Need to Do Right Now --Action Items for the Private Sector --Action Items for the Public Sector --Overview of Key US Privacy Regulations --Action Items for the Citizens/Consumers/Users --The Last Word
Published: Aug 11 2017 Stratecast
How the EU's GDPR Threatens to Destroy Big Data Initiatives and Business Opportunities, in the EU and Elsewhere
The EU Parliament approved the GDPR in April 2016. To allow the region and the world to adjust to the sweeping changes it contains, the EU established a two-year acclimation period, and will begin enforcing the GDPR on 25 May 2018. This Stratecast report offers our assessment of the content and impact of the key provisions of GDPR, in the EU and around the world. Included in each assessment is our determination of whether the impact of the provision is a net positive or a net negative on the ability of organizations to leverage big data; and by implication, on economic growth, first in the EU, and then through ripple effects across the rest of the world.
Published: Aug 02 2017 Stratecast
WOW. What happens in Vegas: I’m writing about it, and analyzing it. Ok, before anyone goes scrambling for legal counsel and/or relationship counsel-ing, what I’m analyzing is Sitecore Symposium 2014 in Las Vegas: a slickly-produced conference with, I’m guessing, judging by the chock-full keynote hall, +/- 2,000 attendees. The event featured multi...
27 Oct 2014 Blog post

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