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It’s always nice to have your work enjoyed and shared by others.  This is a primary reason for getting excited about my job, which is to document best practices executed by companies against a variety of challenges.  Recently we created an infographic to tell the story of our research that covers a variety of approaches to leveraging social media e...
22 Jun 2012 Blog post
Or rather, what is an example of a subject line you simply could not resist opening? I can think of a few – “How you can do what xx did”, or “Does this version work for you?”. Sometimes no subject line is the most effective of all. The airlines could stand to improve at this. I’m subscribed to perhaps every domestic airline’s email list, and the e...
23 May 2012 Blog post
It’s the rare B2B marketer who hasn’t had to listen to sales reps complain about the quality of leads being provided. And sales forces tend to be underwhelmed by the volume of leads too. So what to do? Ramping up demand generation efforts makes little sense if the lead management process (i.e., what happens to it when it comes in the door) is funda...
19 Mar 2012 Blog post

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