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Impact of the Emerging Blockchain Technology on Utility Performance
Frost & Sullivan’s upcoming study on Blockchains takes an in-depth look at the addressable market for its existing applications along with emerging energy applications. The energy sector has seen significant changes over the past few decades across verticals such as generation, distribution, storage, and consumption. It continues to transition from fossil-fuel based centralized generation to renewable and distributed generation. There is a also a shift from centrally-owned and -operated power generation to small-scale commercial generation and 'prosumers', whose power flows are bidirectional. Both these forces combine to create significant challenges for the electricity grid’s design, with legacy infrastructure struggling to offer the required flexibility.
Published: Jan 08 2018 Other
Modernizing the Electric Grid through Connectivity
The study estimates that the total digital grid communication infrastructure market for the North American electric grid would grow at a CAGR of 9.1% through the forecast years. The study estimates the size of the market to be $555 Million as of 2016 and is forecast to reach over $1 Billion by 2023. The study categorizes the market into two broad segments – Technology and Application. As far as the technologies are concerned, the study classifies them into wired and wireless technologies and as far as applications are concerned it classifies them into 4 sub-segments under each type of technology namely – Advanced Meter Infrastructure, Distribution Automation, Substation Automation and Emerging Applications such as edge intelligence, virtual power plants and micro-grids. The study also identifies technology specific drivers and challenges that not just contextualize the analysis but also determine the direction of growth of the industry. Some of the key influencing drivers include cyber-security, proliferation of DERs and improving the operational efficiency of utilities while some of the barriers of adoption include the lack of interoperability and willingness of utilities to modernize as well as the high investment costs associated with deployment. A key insight learned through the study highlights the fact that a rapidly changing market environment demands flexibility in the communications infrastructure. With a forward looking market and most utilities filing for rate increases in the last two or three citing rising capital expenditures in transmission distribution assets, vendors should be in a position to develop a compelling business models such as “communication-as-a-service (CAAS)” to improve bottom line results for end users. By 2023, the rate of growth of wireless devices will outpace that of wired owing to advancements in IoT and rolling out of 5G at scale. There will be a demand for outcome based solutions rather than application-specific products/services. Virtual power plants, micro grids and edge intelligence are forecast to drive demand and deployment of modern wireless communication devices The bottom line is: with competition intensifying, product innovation, reliability, interoperability and customer value are key factors in determining market leaders in the digital grid communications market.
Published: Oct 11 2017 Market Research
On Monday, September 18, it was announced that Itron is set to acquire Silver Spring Networks for approximately $830million. The boards of both companies have unanimously approved to the deal for which Itron has agreed to pay $16.25 per share in cash to acquire all outstanding Silver Spring shares. The acquisition is expected to close at the end of...
25 Sep 2017 Blog post

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