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Senior Research Analyst
Frost & Sullivan


Functional Expertise

Over 2 years of expertise in strategy consulting and market research in the mechanical test market under measurement & instrumentation. Particular expertise in:
  • Market Sizing, forecasting, identifying emerging trends and growth regions
  • Developing strategies for market entry, market development and market penetration
  • Identifying innovation in the industry covering technology and products

Industry Expertise

Experience base covering broad range of sectors, leveraging long-standing working relationships with leading industry participants’ CEOs, Boards and Senior Executives in
  • Industrial inspection and nondestructive testing
  • Metrology and industrial measurement
  • Condition monitoring and predictive maintenance

What I bring to the Team

  • International experience of working on challenging consulting engagements in North America, Middle East, Asia Pacific and Europe
  • Well developed relations with senior executives of leading industry participants
  • Significant expertise in the nondestructive testing industry

Career Highlights

  • Quoted in domestic and international publications on trends and analysis in the global measurement & instrumentation market.
  • Extensive industry experience having worked on consulting assignments with the biggest names in the measurement & instrumentation field including National Instruments and FujiFilm among others


BE from University of Pune (India), Project on detection of brain tumour through artificial neural networks

Recent items from Nikhil Jain

Video Measurement Systems Changing the Landscape of Optical Comparators Market
Optical comparators are of the oldest systems that have been used for dimensional measurement of objects in a two-dimensional space. Since their invention in 1920, there has been little change in the principal of operation or the products themselves. Besides some cosmetic changes and a natural progression of the hardware to improve accuracy and enhance the ease of use, the market for optical comparators has not witnessed much change over the years. The market dynamics changed in the 2008–2009 economic downturn, which altered the market significantly. While the optical comparators market experienced some turbulence, it bounced back very well from the impact of the economic downturn in 2010, as the demand from key markets such as APAC and North America increased due to reliability, flexibility, and ease of use. The market participants started investing in optical comparators, as they found this to be low priced and a good alternative measuring instrument. While the market was witnessing good growth in NA and APAC regions, Europe witnessed a slow growth due the introduction of video measurement systems from Keyence IM-6000 in 2010, which the measurement companies preferred to the optical comparator systems. However, there seems to be an increase in competition from low-cost Chinese manufacturers that has led to the downward spiral in the average price in the market, which has affected the overall global revenue by 5%.
Published: Jan 05 2017 Other
Optical comparators or profile projectors are among the oldest measuring machines based on the simple principle of measuring the projection of the object under test. Over the past few decades, technology evolution has added more features to the product. However, the measurement principle still remains the same.
Published: Aug 31 2016 Market Insights
Rise of Ultrasonic Non-Intrusive Corrosion Monitoring Will Drive Growth
Critical need for continuous corrosion monitoring was born out of British Petroleum’s (BP’s) refinery explosion in 2005, which was attributed to corrosion-related pipe failure. While continuous corrosion monitoring existed before 2005, this incident brought the debate of corrosion monitoring versus periodic testing into the limelight and reliable technologies for corrosion monitoring began to be developed.
Published: Aug 29 2016 Market Insights
Non-intrusive Corrosion Monitoring Using Ultrasonic Thickness Gauging Gaining in Prominence
End users are starting to prefer non-intrusive corrosion monitoring techniques in cases where the need for process-related information is not critical. This is mainly due to the inherent disadvantages related to safety in intrusive corrosion monitoring. The key technique under non-intrusive corrosion monitoring that has gained wide-scale adoption is ultrasonic thickness gauging based corrosion monitoring solutions. Approximately 80% of the total corrosion monitoring market revenue is derived from the oil and gas industry. Hence, the low oil prices are restraining the upstream and midstream oil and gas segments of the market. The impact on the downstream oil and gas segment has been fairly negligible.
Published: Jul 06 2016 Market Research
Untapped Growth Potential in Eastern Europe and Wind Energy to Drive Overall Revenues
For the European NDT inspection services market, the past 5 years have been torrid with the much discussed sovereign debt crisis crippling many economies. While some economies have turned around, the NDT inspection services market took a fresh blow when oil prices started declining to their lowest level in over 12 years. There are pockets of growth in this market, but the NDT inspection service participants need to strategically navigate choppy waters. Wind energy is emerging as an interesting market for growth over the next 5 years, as it has become the major source of energy generation in Europe. Many windmills are aging and inspection of these is opening avenues for NDT inspection services in this vertical market.
Published: May 03 2016 Market Research
On October 18, 2009, roughly six and a half years ago, the Greek PASOK government shocked the financial markets and shook the European economic landscape by admitting that the country's fiscal..
Published: Apr 27 2016 Market Insights
While Alfred North Whitehead, a prominent English mathematician and philosopher would argue that “Necessity is the mother of futile dodges”, there is undoubtedly enough historical evidence to support the often quoted proverb
Published: Apr 25 2016 Market Insights
Published: Mar 23 2016 Best Practices
Selenium-75 Represents Pocket of Opportunity as Market Takes a Pounding From X-ray Radiography and Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing
The global gamma radioactive sources market for NDT applications is segmented by sources into Iridium-192, Selenium-75, and Cobalt-60. For Iridium-192 and Selenium-75, detailed unit shipment forecast has been provided. Pricing analysis and market position ranking for the top participants in the market have also been given. As the Cobalt-60 market is very small, only unit shipment forecast has been provided. The base year is 2015 and the forecast period is 2016–2020. With the recent oil price decline, the market will be turbulent. However, in the long term, Selenium-75 is expected to provide growth opportunities. Cobalt-60 is likely to be phased out in the next 15 years, while growth of Iridium-192 will be tepid in most regions.
Published: Mar 14 2016 Market Insights
In a collective decision, on 19th January 2016, United States, the European Union and the United Nations lifted the economic sanctions they had placed Iran under. With over $100 billion in assets frozen out, the sanctions had played havoc with Iran’s economy. Now that the sanctions have been removed, it is important to assess the impact on global e...
22 Jan 2016 Blog post
We are currently living in an age of unprecedented change, where industries as diverse as retail, media and even manufacturing are undergoing rapid and often unpredictable transformation. These unpredictable disruptive and transformative forces are driving companies to adapt faster to changing business environments in order to survive.
Published: May 26 2015 Market Insights

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