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Ymeti, who is the co-founder and CTO of Ostendum, during his doctoral research that was previously highlighted in Technical Insights
Published: 18 Oct 2013 Press Releases
are contained on a silicon substrate. Aurel Ymeti of the BioPhysical Engineering of Science and Technology, MESA+ Institute... five minutes for the sensor to determine the concentration of the virus being detected. Ymeti noted that a rapid, sensitive... detects different viral diseases. Ymeti noted, "The multichannel character of the sensor allows sensing several (up to three
Published: 23 Feb 2007 Technical Insights Alerts
methods such as polymerase chain reaction because of its speed and ease of use without any compromise on sensitivity. Aurel Ymeti... for this technology also exists. Details: Dr. Aurel Ymeti, Biophysical Engineering, Faculty of Science and Technology, MESA+ Institute
Published: 2 Feb 2007 Technical Insights Alerts
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