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This issue of Automotive and Transportation TOE presents developments and innovations in advanced river assistance systems, including system-on-chip vision technology, vision analytics, camera-based driver monitoring systems, and systems to monitor head or eye..., sensor fusion, M2M communications, and drones. Keywords: Advanced driver assistance systems, driver condition monitoring, head
Published: 6 Jan 2017 Technical Insights Alerts
Camera-based Monitoring Systems Expected to Reach ~2 Million Units by 2022; European Luxury OEMs will Take the Lead
OEMs are showing interest in offering holistic DMS by providing vehicles with higher order intelligence about the state of the driver, including fatigue, cognitive load, personalisation, and health monitoring. Stereo cameras have the ability to offer more data points and improved functionalities, making them the perfect choice for OEMs looking to incorporate more than 5 DMS functions. OEMs
Published: 26 Aug 2016 Market Research
Next Generation of Truck Safety Advancement to be Enhanced by Faster Data Processing, System Integration, and Truck Digitization
Driver and technician shortage has emerged as the most important top-of-mind issue for fleet managers. This, coupled with concerns on economic outlook and operating margins, is predicating several choices that fleet managers are making with regards to advanced...- or driver-related data, vehicle-related data such as autonomous driving algorithms, cybersecurity, and logic robustness are expected
Published: 31 Oct 2017 Market Research
Simulator Usage in Driver Training will Promote Eco-driving, Critical Driving, and Defensive Driving Growth in the Commercial Vehicle (CV) Industry
Skilled driver shortage and reduction in fleet liabilities is major driver for the driver simulator market. The challenges include... 2003/59/ EC of European parliament deals with initial qualification and periodic training of drivers. It allows drivers maximum of 8... for driver training. The Netherlands, France, Poland, and Denmark offer strong potential for deployment of simulators in Initial
Published: 5 Jan 2018 Market Research
DMS offers functionalities promoting driver luxury, while being primarily focused on avoiding and mitigating collision
Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) are looking to increase the fitment of driver monitoring systems in their vehicle model line-up. DMS and Snags Involved in Implementation The Driver Monitoring System (DMS) analyzes driver behavior or detects a pattern tending toward micro... systems is an Infrared (IR) camera concealed inside the cabin. The system also validates driver behavior, monitoring several other
Published: 20 May 2016 Market Insights
accelerate wide-spread adoption of Driver Monitoring Systems. Globally, most of the road accidents are caused due to driver inattention, with fatigue-induced drowsiness being a primary cause. Driver Monitoring System (DMS) analyzes driver behavior and/or detects... detection, eye monitoring, driver identification and health monitoring is anticipated. With OEMs striving hard to bring down vehicle crash
Published: 7 Oct 2015 Market Insights
Behavior-Based Systems to Remain Strong Until 2021 Despite Advanced Functionality of Inward-Facing Camera-Based Systems
Driver Monitoring Systems (DMS) analyze driver behavior, detect behavior patterns for micro-sleep, and issue appropriate warnings to alert and refocus the driver’s attention back to the road, thus working to reduce drowsiness-related crashes. DMS functions... the potential of systems which not only support additional DMS functionalities, but also act as a human machine interface and enhance the driver
Published: 30 Sep 2015 Market Research
Managing Success in the Biomarker Industry—Challenges and Opportunities
, unmet needs and emerging market & technological trends. The report also outlines market drivers and restraints, recent research
Published: 5 Mar 2015 Market Insights
Detection Adaptive Cruise Control, Autonomous Vehicles Blind Spot Detection Driver Monitoring and Drowsiness Detection With the growing... recognition, adaptive cruise control, pedestrian detection, as well as driver monitoring and drowsiness detection systems. Work... warning, night vision, and adaptive cruise control. Driver monitoring and drowsiness detection systems have generally used
Published: 7 Aug 2017 Other
This issue of Automotive & Transportation Alert explores developments and opportunities for driver monitoring technologies for enhanced drowsiness and fatigue monitoring, including biometric sensing technologies such as camera-based systems, electric field sensing... sensors, CBRNE, quantified-self, sensor fusion, M2M communications, and drones. Keywords: Driver drowsiness, driver fatigue
Published: 8 Apr 2016 Technical Insights Alerts
Smart Sensors, EAPs, and Graphene Sensors can Enhance Opportunities for Better Pipeline Monitoring
. What are the key parameters in pipeline monitoring systems? 3. What are the enabling technologies in oil and gas pipeline industry? 4. What are the implementation examples in the upstream, midstream, and downstream phases of pipeline monitoring? 5. What are the key sensor innovations in oil and gas pipeline monitoring? 6. What are the emerging opportunities and technologies in oil and gas pipeline
Published: 12 Apr 2017 Technical Insights Reports
Things is here to stay. This the main driving force for vendors who design equipment specifically for IoT testing and monitoring needs. The IoT will gain further traction in our lives in the future. As this happens, the requirement for testing and monitoring equipment specific for the different use cases will concomitantly increase. The Internet of Things testing and monitoring market
Published: 28 Apr 2015 Market Insights

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