Google acquires Postini - Security moves deeper into the ICT industry's DNA

Published: 13 Jul 2007

Katie Gotzen and Shomik Banerjee


On the 9th of July, Google acquired on-demand content filtering firm Postini for $625 million. The agreement is expected to close at the end of Q3 2007, and will make Postini a wholly owned subsidiary of Google.

Frost & Sullivan opinion

Frost & Sullivan believes that the acquisition will strengthen Google’s enterprise software on-demand offering. However, the company has a long way to go before its Google Apps will break through in the enterprise space.

For the content filtering market, this move is a significant validation of the on-demand model. On the other hand, incumbent vendors might interpret this move as a sign of commoditisation of filtering technologies, and react by expanding or even diversifying their product and service portfolios.

On the whole, this acquisition is a further example of how security is becoming part of the ICT industry’s fundamental fabric, rather than being an afterthought.  

Another validation of the embedded security model

This week’s acquisition is another validation of a trend that has manifested itself over the past years: the embedding of security into the wider ICT space. Heavyweights from all areas of the ICT ecosystem are reconfiguring their basic offerings to include security.

Security is becoming embedded into the network architecture, which has been illustrated by Cisco’s acquisition of content filtering company IronPort and wireless security vendor Airespace serve as examples. Microsoft has shown commitment to embed security into its operating systems and software. Now Google, another heavyweight in the ICT space, has jumped on the bandwagon and taken its first steps into built-in security.

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