Movers & Shakers interview with Kyle Rosenthal, Executive Director of

Published: 3 Nov 2008

By Olga Yashkova, Industry Analyst/Program Leader, Frost & Sullivan

Olga Yashkova (OY): Can you tell our readers about yourself and the background of

Kyle Rosenthal
Kyle Rosenthal (KR): Excite@Home

Deep packet inspection (DPI) is a term often used to describe network-based technologies that peer beyond packet headers to achieve their purposes of, for example, optimizing the delivery of different application types or identifying application-level threats (e.g. viruses, worms, botnet activity, and the like).  DPI serves as an underlying logical component of many current and next generation network services.  My experiences led me to investigate the challenges presented by current and future networks that increasingly seem to need to understand more about the applications running through them.  I started to reach out to industry luminaries to discuss the comprehensive set of technical, legal, and ethical challenges and discovered that the concept of creating a user-driven community to help promote education and collaboration around DPI piqued the interest of industry, government, and academic leaders. 

dPacket’s mission is to serve as a premier global resource for deep packet inspection related topics with the intent of supporting responsible adoption of DPI, and to address the comprehensive set of challenges facing the global community as our telecommunications infrastructure gains the ability to match throughput with computational power and programmability.

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