Movers & Shakers Interview with Mr. Wong Yiu Chu, Denny Chairman and CEO of Advanced Card Systems Ltd

Published: 22 Dec 2009

By: Navin Rajendra, Senior Research Analyst Smart Cards and Auto ID, APAC

Mr. Wong Yiu Chu, Denny

Could you please elaborate on some of the changes that Advanced Card Systems Ltd (ACS) has incorporated over the years?

Denny: The principles of ACS will never change. We have never deviated from our emphasis on developing state-of-the-art technologies for smart card readers and smart card operating systems. Our culture of keeping commitments and being reasonable to others has been unvarying. Ensuring product quality has always been one of our most fundamental goals and we have taken the world to be our target market since day one of our business.

What we have changed in the past is the strategy in the choice of products to develop. There were four main stages: 

  1. We focused on developing one single type of product, the PC-linked reader for the world market and we followed the industry standards closely, such as the PC/SC, EMV and CCID standards. These readers are standard products and are thus required by a large number of customers from varying fields. For a particularly prominent project requiring a significant number of readers, the competition on price is usually keen.
  2. In order to shorten a product's time-to-market, and thus to control the cost of development, we started to develop products based on the specifications of our customers. These specifications are usually proprietary, and in our experience, they allow our customers to meet their needs but usually do not generate much subsequent business for us. Nevertheless, we learned new technologies and built good relationships with our customers in the process.
  3. We then re-emphasized on developing standard products again whilst still continuing to develop customized products.
  4. We have been talking about offering a smart card based solution. However, we want to avoid competing with our own customers who are usually solution providers using our readers and cards. Thus we want to be very selective in offering a solution. We entered into the business of providing automatic fare collections using contactless cards particularly for buses.

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