Adopt UC Now to Realize a Competitive Advantage

Published: 9 Jul 2010

By Melanie Turek, Industry Principal, Frost & Sullivan

When it comes to deploying unified communications, many IT managers look for cost savings to justify the deployment. Certainly, those savings can be found, whether from the reduced calling and MAC costs that come with Voice over IP, or reduced travel costs from video or web conferencing. But many managers overlook a key benefit of UC: It can help IT move from a cost center to a revenue generator.

One of the most exciting aspects about unified communications today is that companies still have the opportunity to see first-mover benefits and advantage from deploying the technology—without the risks that often come with bleeding-edge adoption. And since it's really not a question of whether companies will deploy UC, but rather when they will opt to do so, those organizations that move quickly toward next-generation communications can expect to see one to five years of competitive advantage over other companies in their industry that don't choose to deploy the new technology right away.

Certainly, there's plenty of room for growth: Only about 50 percent of all enterprise telephony lines are IP-enabled, and even fewer are running complete UC application suites. Frost & Sullivan's latest UC research estimates that around two million people are on completely integrated UC applications today.

But that's good news for executives who understand the value of unified communications. Because others in their industry are likely not deploying the technology, companies that do will not only see benefits for themselves, but those advantages won't also be accruing to their competitors; the win is effectively doubled, therefore, for early adopters. And because the technology has been around for years, it's been proven to work—which mitigates the risks companies usually take when deploying next-generation applications.

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