Next Generation Sequencing Market - Present to the Future

Published: 20 Dec 2010

By Divyaa Ravishankar, Research Analyst, Frost and Sullivan

Next Generation sequencers have found their way into service providing labs and the global biomedical research community where they are perceived as an indispensable tool .The declining cost of genomic sequencing has paved way for this technology to be applied for clinical use as well

The cost of sequencing is being perfected to achieve an international target of $1000 to sequence a complete Human Genome. The cost has reduced by 90 per cent of what it was 15 years ago when sequencing markets were primarily dominated by Sanger's and the second generation sequencers.

Recent scientific discoveries that are an outcome of NGS technology show the impact of massively parallel platforms. Frost and Sullivan estimates NGS revenues for the year 2010 at $746 million and is projected to boom close to $3 billion by 2017 worldwide.

Supporting markets such as the Drug Discovery market which is currently estimated at $40 billion and is projected to grow to $97 billion by 2017 worldwide .The molecular diagnostic market is currently estimated at $4 Billion. These two markets offer extensive scope for next generation sequencing implementation in the upcoming years.

Moving forward the three key factors that will influence the growth prospects of NGS are:

  • The rapid replacement of key applications performed by Microarray by next generation sequencers.
  • Increased breadth of application attributed towards a greater coverage of the sequence and increased read lengths that are being worked on in the new platforms.
  • A steady stream of funding by government research funding bodies adds a promotional value by encouraging the use of NGS technology.

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