Best-In-Class Customer Value Enhancement Award in the Enterprise Risk, Compliance and Quality Management Market for Life Sciences Industry, North America, 2010—Pilgrim Software, Inc.

Published: 26 Feb 2011

The Frost & Sullivan Best-in-Class Award for Customer Value Enhancement is presented each year to the company that has demonstrated excellence in implementing strategies that proactively create value for its customers with a focus on improving the return on the investment that customers make in its services or products. This award recognizes the company's inordinate focus on enhancing the value that its customers receive, beyond simply good customer service, leading to improved customer retention and ultimately customer base expansion.

Visi-MAP – Vision for the Future of Manufacturing and Production and the Significance of Customer Value Enhancement Award

Frost & Sullivan has engaged in a new research initiative titled The Vision of the Future of Manufacturing and Production, or Visi-MAP for short. This innovative research will articulate Frost & Sullivan's 3-C framework (the challenge themes of Competition, Compliance and Collaboration) and the business imperatives that will reshape manufacturing and production in the next decade.

As the world recovers from the worst recession in recent times and accelerates toward the future, industry needs improved toolsets and approaches. Frost & Sullivan intends to identify the products, technologies and services which have emerged as critical to reaching the future more safely, more quickly, and in better shape.

Key Industry Challenges Addressed by Enhancing Customer Value

Businesses within the life sciences industry are constantly challenged to introduce new products quickly and achieve a faster time-to-value on their extensive research and development ventures to achieve consistent profitability. They are further pressured to do so within a scenario of stringent compliance regulations and strict containment of enterprise-wide process exceptions. These influencing factors drive end users to find holistic solutions that will help mitigate these challenges in a cost-effective manner while maintaining a unified standard of quality. Given that the present state of the life sciences industry is heavily dependent on an outsourcing model, there is a recognized need for the standardization of business operations in order to drive consistent improvements in supplier quality and regulatory focus.

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