Movers & Shakers Interview with Oliver von Treuenfels, CCO / Sales Director at DERMALOG Identification Systems GmbH

Published: 4 Oct 2011

By Neelima Sagar, Senior Research Analyst, Frost & Sullivan

Oliver von Treuenfels

Oliver von Treuenfels was born in Brazil and has been based in Germany for the last 10 years as the Global Sales and Marketing Director at DERMALOG Identification Systems GmbH - Germany's Number 1 company in the biometric field. It has more than 60 Governmental installations worldwide and is responsible for providing biometric security solutions for Governmental and large scale identification projects. Oliver is also fluent in several languages which include German, Portuguese and Spanish.

DERMALOG Identification Systems GmbH, based in Hamburg, is the largest German biometrics manufacturer and one of the world leaders in fingerprint biometrics. It has a high level team of scientists and IT knowledge team working continuously on new innovative products. Its product range includes highly advanced biometric border checkpoint systems, secure biometric ID cards, and the new "FingerPayment" system. The main sales markets are Germany, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and Asia. DERMALOG has supplied more than 20,000 fingerprint scanners to the national registration offices in Germany for the new electronic passports, ID cards and permanent resident's cards, and has also supplied more than 50,000 finger scanners to national authorities in over 40 countries. The company has installed its AFIS (Automatic Fingerprint Identification System) at 60 government authorities throughout the world – they mostly use them to identify false or duplicated identities before issuing ID cards or passports. DERMALOG is also the technical partner in the REWE Group's project for fast, secure payment by fingerprint, and the partner of Wincor-Nixdorf in fitting cash machines with finger scanners ("Finger instead of PIN number"). For further information, please visit the website

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