What Makes Chinese Players Dominate in the Chinese Secure Web Gateway (SWG) Market?

Published: 28 Dec 2011

By Cathy Huang & Edison Yu

The recent Frost & Sullivan's report on the Chinese Secure Web Gateway (SWG) Market indicated the top five positions were all captured by Chinese local vendors in 2010, all of which contributed to a total market share of 83.7 percent.

By and large, the market participants in the Chinese SWG market can be classified into three groups (see Chart 1). It includes tier 1 vendors like Sangfor Technologies and Netentsec, which have both enjoyed market dominance in the segment over the past two years. In 2010, Sangfor and Netentsec combined accounted for more than 60 percent of market share in the Chinese SWG market.

In addition, three local Chinese vendors, namely Pronetway, Seentech and Surfilter form the rally of tier 2 vendors which either strong in certain verticals or some provinces in China. These companies' specialized focus may enable them to adapt better to new technologies and changes in customer requirements in the specific areas of focus. In addition, some of these companies can invest relatively large resources on very specific customer segments.

The third group of vendors comprises of foreign vendors, such as the likes of Bluecoat, Websense, Cisco (Ironport) and McAfee (part of Intel now). Although these well-known names are enjoying significant market share in the global Secure Web Gateway arena, the market share captured by these foreign vendors in the Chinese SWG market has remained fairly limited.

All the data points in this insight are based on the recent Frost & Sullivan study titled “Strategic Analysis of the Chinese Secure Web Gateway Market”. The research study was conducted in April 2011 and May 2011.

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