Frost & Sullivan Security Index Study 2011

Published: 28 Dec 2011

Presenting the Security Index 2011

Frost & Sullivan recently released a new benchmark study regarding the IT Security Index in Asia Pacific region. The Frost & Sullivan Security Index Study 2011 provides insight from four perspectives which assess the level of IT Security readiness. The study was particularly targeting at IT decision makers among 300 mid-to-large companies across six different markets, including Australia, Korea, Singapore, China, Hong Kong and Japan in Asia Pacific region.

The four different perspectives, namely Compliance, Perception, Practice and Spending were identified as key indicators of assessing enterprise readiness towards IT Security (chart 1).

Chart 1. Operationalize the Security Index into Four Components

Based on the model created, the overall 2011 Security Index registered 2.59 out of 5. Among all the countries in the study, Singapore took the lead with an Index score of 2.84. It is followed by Australia with a Security Index score of 2.74. South Korea and Japan were in the second league, registered 2.54 out of 5. Hong Kong and China were following behind. While 4.0 is the mark of excellence, 3.0 or the score set by Singapore can be used as a benchmark for other countries to work towards for 2012.

Across all the different components, Compliance emerged as the weakest performing component compared to Perception, Practice and Spending. This could be due to the study excluding the local compliances, with our focus on the global ones. Nonetheless, the weak adherence to global standards indicated the overall compliance environment is still relatively weak.

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