The Importance Of Ethical Hacking - Emerging Threats Emphasise The Need For Holistic Assessments

Published: 19 Apr 2012

Businesses of all sizes are increasingly challenged to adopt new technologies such as cloud computing and virtualisation and business practices such as bring-yourown-device and IT outsourcing. To complicate this challenge, companies face increasingly targeted and sophisticated attacks. Attackers now range from organised crime rings to advanced nation-states and are highly organised, skilled, and motivated. Despite the prevalence of firewalls, IPS, anti-virus and other security technologies, many businesses continue to fall victim to these attacks due to unintentional configuration errors. As a result, companies are beginning to recognise the importance of human experience and analysis in a best-of-breed security architecture.

Ethical hacking companies offer tremendous value in their ability to share their advanced security knowledge and expertise with customers. This service enables businesses to adjust their security technologies, train their staff, and enact security practices that better protect critical systems and sensitive data. Ethical hacking services provide customers with objective and real-world assessments of security weaknesses, vulnerability, risk, and remediation options. As a result, ethical hacking is rapidly gaining attention as an essential security practice that should be performed on a regular basis.


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