Movers & Shakers Interview with Ilia Kolochenko - CEO of High-Tech Bridge

Published: 22 May 2012

High-Tech Bridge is a leading European provider of ethical hacking services. Alexander Michael, principal with Frost & Sullivan's ICT practice, recently caught up with Ilia Kolochenko, CEO of High-Tech Bridge, to discuss cyber crime and how to prevent it. Heading High-Tech Bridge since its creation, Ilia previously worked as a security expert and manager, implementing different IT security projects for various financial institutions in Switzerland. Ilia is also a lecturer in the Master's programme at ILCE/HES-SO (Neuchâtel, Switzerland).

Frost & Sullivan (F&S): Ilia, cyber attacks have become highly sophisticated, business-like almost, and it is clear that there are substantial resources behind the attacks. Who are the criminal organisations involved, and do you think it is true that, sometimes, entire countries finance criminal hacking?

Ilia Kolochenko (IK): Well, first of all we should define “criminal hacking.” In some countries, hacking (in its classic meaning) is not even considered a crime. In other countries, judges authorise police use of Trojan horses and hacking techniques to track criminals. Today, more and more information becomes digital, and the value of this information is permanently going up. Eventually, every economic, political, governmental structure starts trying various methodologies to get valuable information. Recent news clearly demonstrates that hacking is becoming a common way to get necessary information for almost everybody, from housewives spying on their husbands, to governments stealing military secrets from their strategic rivals.

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