Managing the Migration to EMV and NFC Payment Technology

How to ensure the successful and efficient market deployment of a product

Published: 4 Oct 2012

The United States  is still in the preparation stage for EMV migration. While the U.S. can learn from different markets that have already deployed the technology, stakeholders can also benefit financially by making a single investment that would result in the delivery of a combined EMV and near field communication (NFC) payment environment.

Readers of the Frost & Sullivan white paper on the successful and efficient market deployment of EMV and NFC technologies will gain an understanding of the functional and security standards that are stipulated when deploying EMV, as well as an appreciation of the certification process and how this will impact product time to market. The paper also acknowledges industry specifications that are not mandatory but that are shaping the next generation of payments.

In conclusion, the paper offers advice as to how technology development costs can be contained and the importance of implementing a scalable and sustainable solution that will accommodate future business and technical requirements.

EMV and NFC Migration in the US

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