Healthcare Consumerism and 'Quantified-Self' Mark the Arrival of Patient Engagement 2.0

Published: 16 Nov 2016

One of the most transformative shifts we are seeing in healthcare is the rise of a concept called “Quantified-Self”; the digitization of products, services, and commerce models are democratizing current healthcare systems, manifesting a new era of healthcare consumerism. This consumer or patient engagement movement entails broad cultural and economic shifts that motivate people to take a more proactive role in all aspects of their healthcare, including the selection of health plans, providers, and treatment options; tracking their health status via personal health records, wearable sensors, and in-home monitors; and directly contributing to and/or accessing personal health data from providers, payers, testing labs, pharmacies, and other organizations. In addition, health consumer or patient engagement is related to the concept of “accountability,” which is growing and extending across the healthcare ecosystem, including to patients, who increasingly need to do more and pay more to ensure more positive health outcomes.

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