5 Strategic Levers for Digital Health in Asia-Pacific

A Frost & Sullivan Transformational Health Perspective

Published: 1 Mar 2017

Rising healthcare expenditure, ageing population, increasing incidence of chronic and infectious diseases and inefficient supply and management of hospital services are driving governments and providers in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) healthcare industry to explore alternative models of healthcare service delivery. In parallel, increasing consumer interest and awareness about the benefits of prevention and wellness are encouraging them to play a greater role in managing their own health. A combination of these two paradigm shifts creates demand for a number of digital technologies– devices and platforms– that support care delivery outside the hospitals. While the demand and opportunity for digital technologies intuitively appears to be significant, actual market revenue and development have been alarmingly slow in the region to the extent that a number of stakeholders, namely governments, healthcare providers and industry vendors, question whether this is a bubble or not. An answer to that question demands a multifaceted analysis of the Digital Health industry in APAC.

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