Digitalisation of the European Recycling Waste Market

Embracing industrial IoT-based technologies to deliver cost-effective and modular waste recycling solutions that help create a sustainable environment

Published: 11 Jan 2018

With rapid industrialisation and changing demographics across the globe, there has been a severe disturbance in preserving environmental sustainability due to the rise in hazardous, industrial, and radioactive waste. To curb these growing waste volumes, the European Commission has re-defined its environmental policies that push end users to focus on recycling waste. The EU’s Circular Economy has set an ambitious target to recycle 65% of the municipal waste and 75% of the packaging waste and reduce landfill to a maximum of 10% of municipal waste by 2030. In addition, the Paris Climate Change Agreement, which aims to reduce CO2 emissions, helps promote the recycling waste market in Europe and across the world.

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