Pathway to Internal LAN Security - A White Paper

Published: 1 Nov 2006

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The dual pressures of de-perimeterization and the overwhelming need to protect enterprise data, driven by the rising threat of data theft and government compliance, is forcing organizations to develop security strategies specifically aimed at securing inside the perimeter.

This is a very different proposition from the traditional perimeter-based security model, and requires a very different approach. From our research, organizations are asking themselves different questions depending on how close they have come to a "data incident."

Some companies are asking; "Should LAN communications be controlled on a flow-by-flow basis and, depending on the content, insulated from other users (i.e., encrypted and segmented)?", while others ask; "What would be the attributes of a security solution that controls communication flows and, as warranted, encrypt the data end-to-end as it traverses the LAN?"

If your organization is asking the first question with the answer being "no" or "not sure," then your business and security risk will grow with limited means of restraint until such time an "incident" does occur. At which point, the answer to the second question becomes "yes, need to know immediately," and is usually followed by a pair of inwardly-facing questions: "Why were we not actively considering our

solution options?", and, more succinctly, "Why were we not already in the process of proactively managing downward our LAN-based risk?"

Certainly, hindsight provides clearer vision than future predictions. Nevertheless, the warning signs directing one to begin solution evaluations and deployments continue to mount. Consider the following:

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