Frost & Sullivan Recognizes CE+T for Product Line Strategy Leadership in Power Inverters

Published: 25 Oct 2004

Palo Alto, Calif. — October 21, 2004 — In a recent analysis entitled World Power Inverter Markets, Frost & Sullivan acknowledged CE+T s.a Digital Power Solutions as a pioneer in developing reliable and high-quality inverters.

CE+T received the Frost & Sullivan Award for Product Line Strategy Leadership. For demonstrating the most insight into customer needs and product demands within its industry. Frost & Sullivan presents this Award each year to a company that has optimized its product line by leveraging products with the various price, performance, and feature points required by the market.

At the forefront of inverter technology, CE+T’s versatile product range consists not only of inverter power supplies, but also DC/DC conversion products and reliable powering concept for broadband applications. CE+T was the first to introduce the revolutionary concept of a completely digitally controlled inverter system in 1996. This pioneering system is now being adopted as a superior design by other industry participants.

The digital design offers a unique advantage by enabling a reduction in both module size and overall cost. Digital controls are able to provide a faster and more precise response to electrical environment changes, particularly in industrial and telecommunications applications that are electronics-intensive.

"With the development of the digitally controlled inverters, CE+T has evolved into a complete inverter solution provider for many critical applications that involve the transfer of data and automation," remarks Frost & Sullivan Research Analyst G.V. Suryanarayana Raju.

CE+T has also distinguished itself by being the largest vendor to supply true redundant inverter solutions to the telecom industry. In fact, it was one of the first companies to recognize the benefits of using redundant systems, which are known for their reliability, in various crucial telecom and industrial applications.

One of its most unique solutions in this respect is the Redundant Digital Inverter (RDI), which is used to develop redundant (N+1) power systems. RDI helps power systems eliminate the use of static switches, which, in turn, reduces the overall system cost and increased system reliability.

As a company that keeps pace with market trends, CE+T realized the increasing demand for 1U-sized units in the telecom and datacom industry that use rack mounted systems. To capitalize on this opportunity, CE+T developed a new series of 1U-sized inverter modules named Miniflex. These modules are expected to provide higher scalability into a single rack than possible through the older models and are also significantly less expensive.

The company’s other products include the ARCON ST range of standalone inverters. This product line was developed specifically to address the lower power requirements of telecom and industrial applications that are not served by redundant systems.

The biggest advantage of CE+T products, therefore, is that they cover a wide range of voltage and power capabilities and cater to three major end-user markets: telecommunications, industrial, and green power. Known for its flexible and highly scalable solutions, CE+T is able to optimize a power supply solution for virtually every client’s customized requirement.

"Using the same product in the form of modules to handle multiple applications, CE+T's product line strategy encompasses a brilliant combination of reliable and scalable inverter designs," says Raju. "Combined with strong digital design, CE+T products are particularly well positioned to provide stability to the power system with single or multiple modules."

About CE+T

CE+T is a Belgian company founded in 1936 and moved to power electronics in 1960. The company focused on the domestic market until 1990 where the management reviewed the strategy to focus on the first innovative modular DC/AC inverter for telecom applications and develop their export business wordlwide. Since that time, the product range has been continuously extended and the present new range of DC/AC modular inverters covers telecom (24V, 48V) and industrial (110VDC, 220VDC) market needs. Innovation is the key factor of CE+T’s success, and new business opportunities for the futures are coming, where the company has developed a reliable powering concept for broadband applications. In 2000 the company management team made an MBO.

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