Top Trends in Telehealth from ATA 2016

Strong Growth Opportunities amidst the Undertow of Controversy
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Published: 13 Jun 2016

The American Telemedicine Association held its annual conference in Minneapolis from May 14 to 17, 2016. This event has become the premier gathering for healthcare professionals, technology innovators, and journalists to attend presentations of key opinion leaders and see the latest telemedicine products on display in an exhibit hall. The highlights of this year’s event included evidence of increased growth, improved regulatory conditions, and a number of new devices that are smaller, easier to use, and becoming integrated. Although many speakers delivered largely optimistic views, the mood was somewhat diminished by numerous references to recent studies that revealed shortcomings in the way some virtual telehealth services managed the communication flow in physician-to-patient encounters. Regardless, the prospects for wider adoption of telemedicine remain promising, and it was frequently acknowledged that the traditional practice of in-person medicine was hardly immune form challenges and performance issues. This market insight presents analysis of major trends and themes of importance in telehealth, noteworthy vendor developments, and key takeaways.



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