Vending Machines in the Age of the Internet of Things

IoT Could Transform Legacy Vending Operations by Leveraging Consumer Behavioural Data and Machine Statistics
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Published: 8 Nov 2016

Traditional forms of vending have relied on limited interactions between consumers and machines. Vending, in principle, is a retail operation that requires minimal human intervention and the machines should be as autonomous as possible. The connectivity afforded by the Internet of Things (IoT) will enable a fully autonomous vending operation and it is an opportunity to integrate cross-industry business models, products, and services. Operators seek opportunities to increase their vending efficiencies and to encourage consumers to spend more per visit. IoT can drive a vending business to a digitized future where consumer and machine data can be effortlessly captured and interpreted to offer an improved vending experience.

      Vending Machines in the Age of the Internet of Things


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