European SD-WAN Market, 2017

European Network Service Providers Ride the SD-WAN Wave to Deliver Improved Efficiency and Performance
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Published: 10 May 2017

Today, enterprises are focusing on the digitisation of their products and services in an effort to provide increased customer value. Enterprises want to be able to divert their resources away from operational matters towards core issues such as bringing a robust product / service to market. As a result, there is increased emphasis on agile, flexible, and automated environments such as the cloud, which will simplify day-to-day business operations, making it more efficient. The growing complexity of enterprise wide area networks (WANs) are forcing enterprises to re-think their network strategies. Software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) technology forms an important piece of the enterprise hybrid WAN puzzle. SD-WAN incorporates virtualised technology to ensure efficient routing of business applications over optimal network technology (MPLS, Internet, Ethernet or Wireless) for improved performance. SD-WAN technology is made available by traditional WAN equipment vendors, pure-play software defined networking (SDN) / SD-WAN start-ups, and WAN optimisation vendors. The entry of SD-WAN technology vendors threatens the WAN services market that network service providers (NSPs) have for so long dominated. By deploying a secure virtual overlay over the existing WAN and taking the focus away from what the underlying network type is or who owns it, SD-WAN vendors are encroaching into a revenue source that NSPs have a stronghold on: WAN services. Research Scope This Frost & Sullivan report discusses SD-WAN technology, addressing the growth of this market in Europe and analysing the approach of European network service providers. Key Questions This Study Will Answer · What is SD-WAN and what are the main trends driving the growth of this technology? · What does the SD-WAN ecosystem look like? · How are NSPs responding to the SD-WAN market trend? · How is the SD-WAN market growing in Europe? What are some of the recent market announcements in this regard?



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