Impact of the Star2Star and Blueface Merger

Strategic Implications for Star2Star, Blueface, Channel Partners and UCaaS Competitors
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Published: 25 Jan 2018

On January 3rd, 2017, Sarasota, FL-based Star2Star Communications merged with Dublin, Ireland-based Blueface to form an entity with a market value estimated at $500 million (representing a multiple of current revenues). The new entity’s legal name will be StarBlue; however, the two companies will continue to operate under their original brands in their respective domestic regions—i.e., Blueface in EMEA and Star2Star in North America. StarBlue will have a combined employee count of more than 500 with Star2Star bringing in more than 300, and Blueface accounting for the rest. Blueface CEO Alan Foy will become the CEO of Star2Star and StarBlue. Star2Star CEO Norman Worthington will become executive chairman of Star2Star. Nameer Kazzaz, currently CTO at Blueface, will assume the Group Co-CTO role for the merged company with Star2Star CTO Sergey Galchenko. Star2Star President and Chief Revenue Officer Michelle Accardi and Star2Star CMO David Portnowitz will continue to perform their respective functions for the entire group.



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