PacketZoom Aims to Solve TCP Slow Start by Boosting Mobile App Performance

Even if TCP Looks Inevitable, PacketZoom Claims that Outperforming TCP Is Not as Challenging as It May Currently Appear
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Published: 21 Sep 2017

TCP is a protocol meant for stable networks, and all too often, mobile is anything but stable, with unreliable and often bottlenecked connections that conflict with TCP methodologies such as slow starts on transfers. The problem is certainly complex, when many moving pieces are involved, especially when dealing with the last-mile. However, if the problem is broken down into digestible chunks and observations from the real world are applied, improvement becomes achievable. Mobile app performance is a fascinating topic currently, as users are consuming more content via apps over mobile networks, as opposed to using the browser.

      Analysis of PacketZoom's Solution for Boosting Mobile App Performance


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