Challenges in Defining and Measuring “Cache Hit Ratios”

It is Unclear if Focusing on Overall Cache Hit Ratio as a Success Metric is the Best Way to Measure Performance on a CDN
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Published: 11 Jan 2018

Many CDNs focus on overall cache hit rate because they do not encourage their users to cache HTML. Although a 90% cache hit rate sounds high, it is not the case when it is taken into account that the most compute-intensive 10% of elements are not cached. Developers can understand their caching and optimize it effectively only when the cache hit ratio is analyzed in terms of asset type. This results in builders and managers of web applications to more effectively understand and improve the performance, scalability, and user experience of their applications; and this is where the industry needs to head.

      Challenges Involved in Defining and Measuring “Cache Hit Ratios”


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