CenturyLink to Continue Supporting Level 3’s CDN Business Post Acquisition

The Company has Stayed Close to the Trend of Transitioning towards Multi-CDN in Large-scale Delivery
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Published: 11 Jan 2018

Web performance had always been the stand-out product with high margins, although pricing is eroding for that service. It is not expected to drop as steeply as the media segment in the pricing declines, but web performance services are no longer a moat around any CDN’s core business. The bottom line is that the web performance market is starting to get very competitive with performance among vendors getting very close to one another, similar to the media delivery business. While Level 3 is not in the web performance business today, it could enter that market, with CenturyLink now looking at ways to grow its share of the CDN market.

      CenturyLink Intends to Continue Supporting Level 3’s CDN Business Post-Acquisition


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