WebRTC is the Most Promising Future Technology for Low-Latency Live Video Streaming

WebRTC is Capable of Handling the Scale to Support Millions of Viewers Using Standard Network Protocols and Web Browsers
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Published: 11 Jan 2018

WebRTC uses UDP to stream media without the need to create discrete media segments, which delivers a consistently low latency to all clients. With the addition of WebRTC support by Apple into the Safari 11 release, it is now natively supported by all major browsers including Google Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge. The WebRTC protocol was designed to be flexible in its implementation, allowing companies to experiment with solutions geared toward one to one, one to few, and even one to millions. Plus, it supports delivery over TLS to ensure the security of content in transit.

      WebRTC is the Most Promising Technology for Low-Latency Live Video Streaming


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